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Business Maverick: HSBC Manager Heart Attack Prompts Viral Post About Overwork

April 21st 2021 at 23:43
When Jonny Frostick realized he was having a heart attack this month, the first thing that occurred to the HSBC Holdings Plc contractor was: “I needed to meet with my manager tomorrow, this isn’t convenient.”

Business Maverick: Libor Drops to Record Low With Funding Markets Awash With Cash

April 21st 2021 at 23:38
The three-month London interbank offered rate for dollars slid the most in seven weeks on Wednesday as an excess of cash in front-end fixed-income markets kept borrowing costs anchored near zero.

Business Maverick: CPI accelerates to 3.2% in March, economists say price pressures still muted

April 21st 2021 at 23:19
South Africa's consumer price index (CPI) accelerated to 3.2% in March from 2.9% in February, driven in part by rising food prices. But economists expect these to moderate and price pressures remain muted. 

Weather forecast, alerts and UVB index for all South African provinces, 22 April 2021

Weather data provided by the South African Weather Service. For a detailed forecast of your province, click here.

Severe Weather Alerts


  1. Yellow 1 warning for severe thunderstorms with heavy rain, large hail and excessive lightning in places, resulting in localized flooding of low lying areas and damage to property over the south eastern half of the Eastern Cape.


  1. Extremely high fire danger conditions are expected over the Hantam municipality of the Northern Cape as well as the central and northern parts of the Northern Cape.


  1. Nil


Temperature: Fine at first, becoming partly cloudy and cool, but warm in places in the north.

The expected UVB Sunburn Index: High.


Temperature: Partly cloudy and cool to warm with afternoon showers and thundershowers.


Temperature: Cloudy in the south and central parts at first, otherwise fine and warm.

North-West Province:

Temperature: Fine and warm, becoming partly cloudy.

Free State:

Temperature: Cool in the east and south-east, otherwise fine and warm, but partly cloudy in the west, spreading eastwards in the afternoon. Isolated showers and thundershowers are expected mainly from the evening.

Northern Cape:

Temperature: Morning and evening fog along the coast otherwise fine and warm to hot, but partly cloudy in the southeast. Isolated showers and thundershowers are expected in the southeast from the afternoon.

Wind: The wind along the coast will be light northwesterly.

Western Cape:

Temperature: Cloudy in the east and southern parts in the morning with mist along the coastal areas at first as well as the evening, otherwise fine and cool to warm but hot in places over the west coast district.

Wind: The wind along the coast will be strong easterly in the south but light to moderate westerly to northwesterly in the west and south-west.

The expected UVB Sunburn Index: High.

Eastern Cape:

The Western halfTemperature: Warm in places over the interior, otherwise cloudy and cool with isolated showers and thundershowers, but scattered in the southeast.

The Western Half – Wind: The wind along the coast will be light to moderate northeasterly becoming fresh to strong easterly from late morning.

The Eastern halfTemperature: Cloudy and cool with scattered showers and thundershowers.

The Eastern halfWind: The wind along the coast will be strong easterly in the south and southwesterly in the north early morning, otherwise moderate to fresh northeasterly.


Temperature: Morning fog over the eastern interior, otherwise fine and warm becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon with isolated showers and thundershowers but scattered in the east and south.

Wind: The wind along the coast will be moderate to fresh north-easterly becoming westerly to south-westerly from the south by late morning spreading to Kosi Bay by evening.

The expected UVB Sunburn Index: Moderate.

Your daily Horoscope for 22 April 2021

April 21st 2021 at 19:00


I think it [annoys God] if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. — Alice Walker


Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and all good things will be yours.– Swedish proverb


Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.


Happy Birthday! The months ahead will start with a need to keep an eye on the spending: it’s not that money will be a problem; it’s that you won’t be as sensible as you could be. Resist those impulsive buys for the next few weeks until your money house strengthens. Romance is likely to go well throughout the year, but you will need to make sure that you’re prepared to meet someone halfway! If you meet someone who is as practically minded as you and not the type to idealize their partners, then that will be all the better for you. The demands of work or school will feature throughout the year, but you will have the creative drive to bypass any obstacles as long as you keep your cool.

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Famous people born on your birthday include: Jack Nicholson, Glen Campbell, Aaron Spelling, Daniel Johns, Peter Frampton


Emily Blunt is going to see a number of exciting offers coming her way thanks to her appearance in the Mary Poppins remake. However, her next movie, according to the planets, is likely to be a whole lot darker in nature!


It’s likely to be the sort of day where nothing really goes wrong, but niggling little grumbles still crop up. Avoid making any firm commitments, as you may regret any promises you make and don’t let someone else’s bubbly enthusiasm draw you into an unwise venture!

Today’s Numbers:   4, 11, 20, 37, 42, 47


It’s possible that you’ll succumb to a rather defeatist attitude when things don’t quite go your way. That said; it’s likely that your mood can be traced back to an emotional issue: someone else’s success may be hard to accept, but it will get you thinking along the right lines!

Today’s Numbers:  3, 8, 14, 24, 33, 48


It’s certainly not a bad day, if you can interpret the subtle signs and signals accurately. However, the operative word is ‘if.’ It may be a better strategy to be a little non-committal, especially where new or potential romances are concerned. It’s perhaps a day to expect the unexpected!

Today’s Numbers: 9, 17, 21, 30, 36, 42


It’s not the best day for adventurous types. There is a definite vibe that you might regard as a stilted one and incoming information may increase this sense of restriction. A potential risk may seem like a worthwhile opportunity, but there is no guarantee that this risk will definitely pay off!

Today’s Numbers:   7, 13, 20, 37, 43, 48


Strained influences suggest that you’ll feel pulled in several directions. Other people might appear to be stubborn just for the sake of it. However, the late afternoon is very likely to clarify or explain one particular obstruction. It may be that you have more control than you realize!

Today’s Numbers: 1, 5, 15, 26, 34, 41


Pesky influences are likely to cause a smattering of confusion with regard to a matter that appeared to be complete or finished. Don’t be too defensive if it feels that you’re the one being criticized for an oversight or mistake. It’ll be better to address the actual issue than play the blame-game!

Today’s Numbers:  7, 12, 20, 38, 42, 47


There is a slightly clumsy, but well-intentioned vibe about. Venus may well place a little pressure on your general relationships. You may know what’s best, but it is a day where it will be prudent to keep strong opinions to yourself. If you do have to say something, keep it neutral!

Today’s Numbers:  3, 5, 14, 23, 36, 40


Whatever you might have planned for the day, take some time to go through it all, with a mind to moderating any wastefulness. Be extra cautious when it comes to your personal resources. If someone seems to issue a challenge, don’t rise to it. Stick to what you know and feel comfortable with!

Today’s Numbers: 9, 17, 21, 33, 35, 42


There may be a minor disappointment on the domestic front and there may be some news with regard to your finances. That said: it’s not a day to rely on luck. Don’t be fooled by a slight shift in the general vibe after lunch: the good-luck factor may not be strong enough to rely on!

Today’s Numbers:   8, 14, 22, 26, 38, 47


It’s a day where objectivity may be absent with regards to an emotional issue. You might need to make your position clear, since an under-reaction on your part could result in mixed messages or a classic misunderstanding. Playing games should be avoided completely!

Today’s Numbers: 9, 15, 21, 30, 33, 45


Airy influences may well impact quite strongly. You may feel that you feel something is missing or that things could be just that little bit better. However, although it’s not a great day to implement the improvements you’d like to see, you can still hold onto those thoughts for another time!

Today’s Numbers: 2, 6, 13, 22, 35, 42


It’s certainly a day to exercise caution on various fronts, including romance. The current influences may well turn you into a glass-half-full kind of person. Maybe you’ll be inclined to zone in on the positives, at the expense of a couple of significant or guiding counterpoints!

Today’s Numbers:  8, 17, 21, 36, 42, 47













Read it now: Your daily Love Horoscope for 22 April 2021

April 21st 2021 at 19:00


Want to know what the future holds? Get a FREE tarot card reading


A rather narrow vibe may encourage you to raise an old wrong or
error with a view to correcting it. While you’ll have the best of
intentions, it’s certainly not a good idea to emphasize old

Compatible Signs For: Love: Virgo | Friendship: Taurus

Star Rating:

♥   Love 4  Money 4  Mood 3  Style 3


Thanks to the Jupiter/Mercury clash there’s certainly more than a
smattering of tension in the slightly insular vibe. A disagreement
over a recent decision may be partly responsible for this

Compatible Signs For: Love: Aquarius | Friendship: Pisces

Star Rating:

♥ Love 3  Money 5  Mood 4  Style 4


You will need to be clear and concise in what you are saying in
general, but this is a day when you should take extra care with
informal communications especially!

Compatible Signs ForLove: Gemini  | Friendship: Capricorn

Star Rating:

♥ Love 4  Money 5  Mood 3  Style 3


You might do well to take a definite step back from a tricky
matter issue to check whether it may have been somewhat
overstated. Chances are it has. It’s certainly a day to recognize
when something really needs to be left alone!

Compatible Signs For – Love: Aries   | Friendship: Gemini

Star Rating:

♥ Love 3  Money 5  Mood 4  Style 4


It is likely to be one of those days where you feel increasingly
obliged to reverse a poor decision or a careless choice. It could
be that the longer you leave this one specific matter, the harder
it will be to correct!

Compatible Signs For – Love: Leo | Friendship: Aries

Star Rating:

♥  Love 4  Money 5  Mood 3  Style 3


A prickly and marginally judgmental planetary mix is likely to
cause a slight stir. It’s possible that something you’ve kept to
yourself will finally seep out. Alternatively, something you’ve
perhaps been postponing may bubble up!

Compatible Signs For – Love: Scorpio  | Friendship: Scorpio

Star Rating:

♥   Love 3  Money 5  Mood 4  Style 4

Keep reading for more on your love horoscope!


There’s a definite boost to friendships in general. You should
find that you’re saying the right thing at the right time when it
comes to romance too!

Compatible Signs For – Love: Pisces | Friendship: Taurus

Star Rating:

♥ Love 4  Money 5  Mood 3  Style 4


It may be a rather frustrating day: incoming information could
point towards a one-off opportunity, but you may not be able to
take advantage of it, thanks to poor-timing!

Compatible Signs ForLove: Taurus | Friendship: Pisces

Star Rating:

♥ Love 4  Money 5  Mood 3  Style 4


Shifting influences may bring a highly sensitive vibe, especially
where emotional matters are concerned. You may feel a little
constrained by a sudden development in romance!

Compatible Signs For – Love: Virgo | Friendship: Libra

Star Rating:

♥ Love 4  Money 3  Mood 4  Style 4


If you remember that all is not as it seems in romantic matters,
then you won’t be so inclined to act too hastily over a piece of
incoming information!

Compatible Signs ForLove: Cancer | Friendship: Sagittarius

Star Rating:

♥  Love 4  Money 5  Mood 3  Style 5


It could be a prickly day in general terms: it’s possible that
someone may need to get something off their chest, especially if
you have been a little demanding recently!

Compatible Signs For Love: Aquarius  | Friendship: Virgo

Star Rating:

♥ Love 5  Money 4  Mood 4  Style 3


There’s a sense of an either/or situation, which can be resolved,
if you can recognize the driving force behind it. There may be a
slight control-issue on your part to address first, though!

Compatible Signs For – Love: Sagittarius | Friendship: Aries

Star Rating:

♥ Love 3  Money 5  Mood 4  Style 4

Do you want to read more than just the love horoscope? Take a look at the daily horoscope here.












ffe40bf6-pisces-1 | All the stops SA Rugby and PRO14 pulled out to make doomed Rainbow Cup a reality

April 21st 2021 at 18:44
SA Rugby and the PRO14 can't be accused of not exploring all their options to make the Rainbow Cup a reality, but the lesson is clear: During Covid-19, governments are the ringmasters for sport.

Normal wear and tear deductions should remain when tax incentives lapse

April 21st 2021 at 18:01
Tax legislation commonly provides for such a deduction.

Rapid recovery of private sector building activity unlikely

April 21st 2021 at 18:01
Covid-19 impact, office vacancy rates and rental payment levels prove stifling.

PnP is open to buying Cambridge Food – Brasher

April 21st 2021 at 18:01
Outgoing CEO says if the price is right it might consider buying the troubled Massmart grocery chain.

Nova has sold more than half of its investment properties

April 21st 2021 at 18:01
Only 11 of the historic 28 Sharemax properties remain in the investment portfolio.

MAVERICK CITIZEN WESTERN CAPE: Mother of Terrible Josters gang member gunned down in Elsies River

April 21st 2021 at 18:00
The 20 Terrible Josters gang members facing charges in the Western Cape fear for the safety of their family members after the mother of one of them was gunned down on Sunday night.

Icy photographs of abandoned flats in Europe’s coldest city

April 21st 2021 at 17:57

A photographer has captured a series of incredible, icy images of frozen abandoned Russian apartments in Europe’s coldest city.

Photographer Arseniy Kotov, whose work focuses on documenting “architecture and life in the post-Soviet world”, visited icy Vorkuta in February and toured various housing complexes built for workers, many of which were abandoned when the mines closed.

One building in particular, though, is evidence of how desertion continues to unsettle the once-thriving city, an ongoing problem that Kotov captured in a stunning series.

Located about 110 miles from the Arctic Ocean lies the Russian town of Vorkuta, a small mining town that once held one of the largest and most gruelling forced labour camps during Stalin’s reign. The Vorkutlag forced-labour camp at Vorkuta was established in 1932. Mining continued after the Gulags disappeared, but high costs forced many mine closures in the early 2000s.

Over the past two decades, Vorkuta has become something of a ghost town. Often plagued by temperatures as low as -61°F (-52°C), the city now has one of the fastest dwindling populations in all of Russia.

His photographs frame the dilapidated, five-story structure that’s entirely subsumed by feet-long icicles and mounded snow. Relics from former residents and the chipped, blue paint peek through the icy frost, much of which clings to the stairs and banisters and climbs the walls.

Speaking to Cover Images, Kotov said that buildings are often transformed into similarly chilling caves when pipes burst due to lack of maintenance, leading to splashes of hot water, subsequent high humidity, and then ice growth on every surface.

There are an estimated 50,000-70,000 residents in Vorkuta at present, with many abandoned structures littering the landscape. At the time of Kotov’s visit, one family remained in the Severniy-district building, which was still connected to the central heating system that runs through Russian cities, making it easier to pass through some of the walkways thanks to warmth from the radiators.

Although Kotov wasn’t able to meet the sole occupants, he did hear that they moved not long after his tour, with him telling Cover Images: “As I know, locals said that after one week as I visited this building, he and his wife were resettled to another apartment, and this whole building was cut off from all the communications (water, heating, electricity).

“This is a usual story in Vorkuta: as less and less people are left, it becomes unprofitable to heat an entire building, and people are gradually moved to others where there are more inhabitable apartments. Local authorities call it a ‘managed compression strategy.'”

Many of Kotov’s photographs are compiled in his book Soviet Cities: Labour, Life & Leisure, and his second book, which is full of images he captured while hitchhiking around the country, is slated for release in November.

Prints are available from Galleri Artsight, and you can follow Kotov’s sightings and travels on Instagram via @northern.friend. – COVER MEDIA

Pitso Mosimane suffers first league defeat since arriving in Egypt

April 21st 2021 at 17:56

Pitso Mosimane has suffered his first league defeat since joining Al Ahly after going down 2-1 to Smouha in the Egyptian Premier League tonight.

Defending champions Al Ahly suffered their first league loss in 25 matches courtesy of a 93rd minute Hossam Hassan winner for Smouha in the Egyptian Premier League on Wednesday night.

The loss leaves Pitso Mosimane’s side in second place, three points behind rivals Zamalek however Al Ahly still have two games in hand.

Pitso Mosimane suffers first league loss

Pitso Mosimane’s record in the Egyptian Premier League prior to tonight read 14 victories and four draw in 16 matches without tasting defeat.

The former Mamelodi Sundowns mentor only lost two previous matches since joining Al Ahly in November 2020. The first of the two losses came against European giants Bayern Munich at the Fifa Club World cup.

Simba SC were the second team to get the better of Pitso Mosimane’s side last month in the CAF Champions League.

Mosimane turns down Bafana Bafana job?

“And Pitso Mosimane would never do it [take the job]. I asked him‚ and he said‚ ‘Nope‚ I won’t’.” a source close to Mosimane said as quoted by TimesLive.

“It would be the same thing as asking Percy Tau to come and play for Kaizer Chiefs. Once you go to Belgium or wherever‚ then you will come back to hang your boots here in South Africa.”

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Pitso Mosimane’s record now sits at 26 wins, six draws and three losses in a total of 35 matches played. Next up for the Kagiso born mentor is a tricky away league trip against ENPPI on Saturday night.

DAYS OF ZONDO: Corrupt rail contracts: Lucky Montana once again shifts the blame

April 21st 2021 at 17:46
At the State Capture Commission on Wednesday, former group CEO of Prasa Lucky Montana again blamed others for dodgy contracts at the rail agency.

Police shooting latest: Body of SA man killed in Hawaii to be repatriated

April 21st 2021 at 17:45

The government of KwaZulu-Natal led by Premier Sihle Zikalala, is working with the family of the SA Man killed by police in Hawaii, to repatriate his body to South Africa.

Lindani Myeni, 29, a South African rugby player, who was living with his family in Hawaii was shot and killed during a confrontation with police there after he was spotted near a house at night and accused of attempting to steal a vehicle. According to body cam footage released by the Hawaii police, an officer initially attempted to tase him but he allegedly then lunged at another officer who fired a shot that killed him last week.

Zikalala’s spokesperson, Lennox Mabaso, said plans to repatriate the remains of the SA man killed in Hawaii, back to South Africa were gaining momentum, following interactions between the KZN Office of the Premier, the Department of International Relations and Co-Operation and the Consul-General in the US.

He said a delegation from the Premier’s Office led by provincial Director-General Dr Nonhlanhla Mkhize, had visited Myeni’s family home in Empangeni on Wednesday.  Part of the aim of the visit was to establish the family’s domestic circumstances and details regarding funeral arrangements.

Zikalala said: “As the government of KwaZulu-Natal we remain hopeful that justice will prevail and that the killers of Myeni will be brought to book soon and bring to justice all those linked to his untimely demise” said Zikalala. 

“We have directed the Director-General of KwaZulu-Natal Dr Nonhlanhla Mkhize to work with the family of Lindani Myeni to provide the necessary assistance and support to the Myeni family at this time. We will continue to work closely with the family to finalise arrangements for Lindani’s mortal remains to be brought back in safety and dignity to KwaZulu-Natal,” he said.

“We are in regular contact with DIRCO and the Office of the Consul-General to consolidate efforts towards the repatriation of Myeni’s mortal remains back to his country.”

Derek Chauvin is convicted, but what happens to his co-accused?

April 21st 2021 at 17:37

For the most part, while justice may have prevailed for George Floyd and his family, in light of Derek Chauvin’s conviction, it isn’t entirely over as the three other police officers implicated are yet to be brought to book.

Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was found guilty on two counts of murder and guilty on one count of manslaughter in Floyd’s death in May 2020. The man was seen on video pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes before he eventually died. The police had arrested him after an employee at a convenience store claimed Floyd bought cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill.

Chauvin and the other three former officers – Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane – were fired the day after Floyd’s death.

During the incident, police struggled to force Floyd into a squad and they (Kueng, Lane and Chauvin) resorted to pinning him to the ground instead.

What role did the three officers play in George Floyd’s death?

According to prosecutors, once George Floyd was down, Kueng, was kneeling on his back, positioned between Chauvin and Lane.

The three officers were arrested and subsequently charged with aiding and abetting unintentional second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter. If convicted and sentenced, the trio could spend as long as 40 years in prison.

They were all released on $750 000 bail, ahead of their trial, which is set to get underway on 23 August 2021.

Despite the compelling video evidence, which was recorded by a female eyewitness on her cellphone, Chauvin’s defence argued that he acted the way any reasonable police officer would and that there were other underlying factors that may have contributed to Floyd’s death, including cardiovascular issues and drug abuse.

Floyd’s death sparked a wave of Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the world, calling for an end to racial profiling by police. | 3 bag the jackpot in the Daily Lotto

April 21st 2021 at 17:33
Here are the results for the draw. | Ramaphosa announces date for local government elections

April 21st 2021 at 17:22
Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will follow the necessary legal process to proclaim the date and undertake other requirements. | Here are the winning Lotto and Lotto Plus numbers

April 21st 2021 at 17:12
Here are the winning Lotto and Lotto Plus numbers. | EOH to pay back over R40m earned from dodgy defence contracts - SIU

April 21st 2021 at 17:11
Listed tech firm EOH has agreed to pay back over R40 million it earned from contracts awarded by the Department of Defence that were found to be irregular.

CORONAVIRUS GLOBAL UPDATE: New York allows walk-in shots; South Africa registers 1,569 new cases

April 21st 2021 at 16:57
South Africa registered 1,569 new Covid-19 cases, bringing the cumulative total to 1,569,935. A further 53 Covid-19-related deaths were reported, taking total deaths to 53,940.

MATTERS OF OBSESSION: Beyond Borders: The Journey of Nyambo MasaMara, Rwandan-born artist and fashion designer

April 21st 2021 at 16:56
For Eli Gold, it has been a long journey, from the far side of the Rwandan genocide to his debut exhibition, ‘Beyond Borders’, which opened in Cape Town on 17 April 2021 as part of a group exhibition at the Jaffer Modern Gallery.

RUGBY: It’s Plan B as Covid-19 sinks Rainbow Cup away leg, leaving Boks with a problem

April 21st 2021 at 16:50
Covid-19 has scuppered plans for South Africa’s leading provincial teams to play in the European leg of the Rainbow Cup, which could also hurt the Springboks’ 2021 preparations.

ANCIENT JOURNEYS: The Kok family and the longest trek in South Africa

April 21st 2021 at 16:47
This is a story about a family’s incredible journey. It’s also about a moving frontier of love, deception and violence.

Gavin Hunt offers blunt response regarding Kaizer Chiefs’ problems!

April 21st 2021 at 16:40

Kaizer Chiefs head coach Gavin Hunt was blunt regarding the struggles of his team claiming there’s still ‘lots of work’ to do before the Amakhosi can improve.

Gavin Hunt’s Kaizer Chiefs suffered yet another DStv Premiership loss this afternoon after going down 2-1 against Cape Town City at the FNB Stadium.

The Kaizer Chiefs mentor believes his side deserved at least a draw from today’s outing which left them stuck in 11th position on the log standings with just eight games to go.

Kaizer Chiefs deserved a draw – Gavin Hunt

“Disappointed with the result. Thought we deserved a draw. It didn’t come but you know we are on the backfoot in the first half. Disappointing.” Kaizer Chiefs head coach Gavin Hunt told SuperSport TV.

“We’ve led games this year and we’ve thrown it away. It’s becoming a trend. We should have got a point here tonight, that’s for sure. The final ball let us down. They also had chances but all in all we looked a bit heavy-legged. So, it wasn’t good.

“Every game is important from the start of the season right to the end. There’s no difference, so we’ve got to regroup now and go again on Sunday when Kaizer Chiefs faces Mamelodi Sundowns.”

Hunt’s blunt response regarding the problems at Naturena

When asked to identify where things are currently going wrong for Kaizer Chiefs in the league, Hunt bluntly replied: “Uhm, ja. Lots of work!”

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It doesn’t get any easier for Gavin Hunt’s side with a trip to Mamelodi Sundowns up next in the DStv Premiership. The Amakhosi face the defending champions, who clinched the title out of their hands on the final day of the season, on Sunday afternoon in a must win encounter.

OUR BURNING PLANET: Fashioning a new global economy: The climate finance heavy hitters on Africa’s role

April 21st 2021 at 16:38
On Monday 19 April, a high-level virtual dialogue was hosted by Absa and the G30 in the lead-up to COP26. What distinguished the discussion from the usual gab-fests in these forums was the urgency of the topic and the potency of the speakers. The simple fact is, if the climate crisis is not going to bring on the collapse of modern civilisation, the world will need an entirely new economy. How will Africa fit into this emerging paradigm? Daily Maverick brings you the views of the people who are making it happen.

SA’s local government elections to go ahead in October

April 21st 2021 at 16:33

South Africans will be taking to the polls for the sixth local government elections on 27 October 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s office has announced.

“The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs will follow the necessary legal process to proclaim the date and undertake other requirements,” the Presidency said in a statement.

“The President urges eligible – and especially first-time voters – to ensure they are registered to participate in the elections which provide the basis for development and service delivery closest to where citizens live”

The Presidency

Local government elections will not be postponed

It isn’t clear how other political parties will react to the news. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) had announced that the local government elections would be held sometime between August and November – which was in response to a call by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), for the polls to be held in 2024.

“Under the current conditions, there will not be free, fair, transparent, and safe elections in South Africa. Our demand for the postponement of elections does not mean that we are afraid to take the ruling party in different municipalities head-on,” the EFF had said the time.

When the IEC appeared before Parliament’s portfolio committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, it said it was simply not possible to heed the EFF’s call. This is particularly because municipal councils’ five-year term ends on 4 August and as per the Constitution, elections must be held within 90 days, which meant by 1 November.

“In our view, there are no constitutional mechanisms to allow for an election beyond 90 days – the only avenue that we think is available is for an amendment to the Constitution,” the IEC’s Masego Sheburi said.

“On this understanding, the posture of the commission is that it must stand ready to deliver free and fair elections whenever they are called, in any case, not beyond the 1st of November.”

In his capacity as leader of the ANC, President Cyril Ramaphosa said as a party, they would not support the calls for the local government elections to be held at a later time.

“There are those who say that this year’s elections must be postponed but as the ANC, we want the elections to take place now because we are ready,” Ramaphosa said.

OP-ED: Earth Day — A case for traditional knowledge to mitigate the planetary crisis

April 21st 2021 at 16:27
Conservation is woven into the daily life of traditional communities and indigenous people that depend upon or live with nature for their survival and cultural practices. We can learn from these communities. Careful promotion and protection of traditional knowledge could be of assistance as we stand on the edge of the climate crisis abyss.

ARMS DEAL TRIAL: Zuma parts ways with attorneys: Another delay in his corruption case likely

April 21st 2021 at 16:25
Mabuza Attorneys has withdrawn from Jacob Zuma’s corruption case in the Pietermaritzburg High Court, weeks before the former president was due to go on trial, making a postponement highly likely.

World: South African ex-President Zuma’s legal team quits ahead of corruption trial

April 21st 2021 at 16:22
JOHANNESBURG, April 21 (Reuters) - Former South African President Jacob Zuma's legal team has quit less than a month before he goes on trial on corruption charges, local publication News 24 said on Wednesday. | Mirror Trading International: Missing CEO's estate provisionally sequestrated

April 21st 2021 at 16:17
Four months after he disappeared, the estate of missing Mirror Trading International CEO Johann Steynberg has been provisionally sequestrated. | Equal treatment will be our death - alluvial diamond miners' plea to Gwede Mantashe

April 21st 2021 at 16:17
Alluvial diamond miners has called for the creation of a small miners development fund to drive transformation and job creation and technical assistance from the Council of Geoscience and Mintek.

State Security Agency 'had structures to deal with opponents of state capture'

Inspector-general of intelligence Isaac Dintwe believes that a “parallel vetting structure” was established by the State Security Agency (SSA) to deal with opponents of the state capture project.

Former spy boss Arthur Fraser has been accused of having parallel structures to vet two categories of people: opponents of state capture and facilitators of state capture. File photo.

OPINIONISTA: Making peace with Gaia — an ode to Earth Day

April 21st 2021 at 16:13
The pursuit of a regenerative model of agriculture is one of the most important ways in which we can heal ourselves and heal our relationship with our Mother Earth.

OPINIONISTA: Politics is just not the same without Julius Malema, Floyd Shivambu and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, PhD

April 21st 2021 at 16:12
Having been cooped up for months by the Covid-19 pandemic, I am probably imagining things. But I miss the three amigos from the EFF. I miss the way their mysterious, conniving and inscrutable characters are so reminiscent of the fictitious characters of writers such as Franz Kafka, or even James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Mary Shelley.

World: Iran adds advanced machines at underground enrichment plant -IAEA report

April 21st 2021 at 16:12
VIENNA, April 21 (Reuters) - Iran has installed extra advanced centrifuges at its underground uranium enrichment plant at Natanz and plans to add even more, a report by the U.N. atomic watchdog on Wednesday showed, deepening Iran's breaches of its nuclear deal with major powers.

Pick n Pay annual earning decline on alcohol and tobacco ban

April 21st 2021 at 16:11
Richard Brasher – CEO, Pick n Pay

Market Watcher

April 21st 2021 at 16:09
David Shapiro – Deputy chairman, Sasfin Securities

GUNS TO GANGS: Charl Kinnear assassination crops up in Cape Town police missing guns scandal

April 21st 2021 at 16:04
Fifteen handguns went missing from a Cape Town police station’s community service centre between April and August 2017. Five cops were dismissed for this. But it has been found they should be reinstated with back pay — and that the missing firearms matter could have links to assassinated detective Charl Kinnear.

OPINIONISTA: We can get out of our current crisis: The nuts and bolts of an Agriculture Green New Deal in SA (Part Two)

April 21st 2021 at 16:04
Going forward, human development has to be based on the following pillars: Sustainable economic and financial systems; healthy, nutritious food and clean water and energy; and healthy lives and wellbeing for all in safe cities and settlements. In short, an Agriculture Green New Deal.

World: Son penalty gives Spurs top-four boost in Mason’s first game in charge

April 21st 2021 at 16:03
LONDON, April 21 (Reuters) - Tottenham Hotspur enjoyed some respite in a tumultuous week for the club as Son Heung-min's late penalty earned them a 2-1 victory over Southampton on Wednesday to revive their hopes of a top-four finish in the Premier League.

LOSING OUR MEMORY: Our national liberation icon is in danger: An appeal to save Liliesleaf

April 21st 2021 at 16:03
It is crucial that the history of our liberation struggle should never be forgotten. Yet there is a real danger that we are losing our memory. The funding crisis exacerbated by Covid-19 is increasing this danger. | About 4 200 super rich have left SA since 2010, report finds

April 21st 2021 at 16:01
About 4 200 dollar millionaires - those with wealth of about R14 million or more - have left SA since 2010, according to the 2021 Africa Wealth Report.

OPINIONISTA: Twenty lessons in 20 years: Lesson 15 – Don’t fall under the spell of complacency; follow the double-up rule

April 21st 2021 at 16:01
Over the past 20 years, Raizcorp CEO Allon Raiz has learnt many tough lessons and overcome many entrepreneurial challenges. He has also had the privilege of learning from the journeys of more than 13,000 entrepreneurs who have passed through Raizcorp. In this series of articles, Raiz shares 20 of some of the most important lessons he has learned using a sequence that mirrors the typical stages of any entrepreneurial journey, from ideation to scaling a business.

OPINIONISTA: The Financial Wellness Coach: The pros and cons of three investment options after retirement

April 21st 2021 at 16:01
Question: You recently proposed a solution to improve a pensioner’s cash flow that involved a living annuity, a life annuity and a discretionary income plan. Can you please explain the differences between these investment types?

SA researchers hope to resume J&J vaccination study next week

April 21st 2021 at 16:01
South African researchers hope to next week resume a study using Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine to immunise healthcare workers, one of the scientists leading the programme said on Wednesday.

For the Sisonke study to resume, Gray said researchers needed to get informed consent processes approved and make sure there were mechanisms in place to identify health workers with clotting disorders.

Mamelodi Sundowns are suffering from fatigue – Manqoba Mngqithi

April 21st 2021 at 15:57

Mamelodi Sundowns co-coach Manqoba Mngqithi believes fatigue has rocked his squad after dropping points against AmaZulu this afternoon.

Log leaders Mamelodi Sundowns played out to a goalless draw against second place AmaZulu in today’s eagerly anticipated DStv Premiership clash.

The Brazilians were looking forward to bouncing back from their shock Nedbank Cup exit at the hands of Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila over the weekend however it wasn’t to be.

Manqoba Mngqithi has since explained the reason behind another lackluster Mamelodi Sundowns performance claiming the Brazilian’s heavy schedule has caught up with them.

Mamelodi Sundowns are suffering from fatigue – Mnqithi

“I must say Benni McCarthy has done a lot of good work with this team, they are working very hard, they are closing us down in some moments where they could have punished us with some counter-pressing.” – Mamelodi Sundowns coach Manqoba Mngqithi told SuperSport TV.

“But I think it is also beginning to show we’ve played far too many matches in a short space of time, I think the last time they played, that’s where we were playing Belouizdad from Algeria, we’ve played three games more in that space and we’re coming to them at the back of those three games with extra-time, it’s beginning to show, it’s the truth.

“That’s how it is at Mamelodi Sundowns but we’re happy we’re still keeping our clean sheet when it matters most and make sure we don’t lose games easily and that is the most encouraging part.”

SOCCER QUIZ | Answer these easy questions & win R1 000 in cash!

Mamelodi Sundowns next turn their attention to another mouthwatering DStv Premiership clash. The Brazilian’s host Soweto giants Kaizer Chiefs on Sunday afternoon at Loftus Versfeld in a fixture they’ll be desperate to win to keep grow their current six point lead atop the DStv Premiership log standings.

BUSINESS MAVERICK: Buy-to-let has become buy-to-regret for SA’s residential landlords

April 21st 2021 at 15:53
The residential property industry is facing a slump. Consumers are struggling to make ends meet and pay rent, pushing them out of the rental market. And tenants that are still in the rental market cannot afford above-inflation rental escalations.

BUSINESS MAVERICK: Annual results: Pick n Pay loses about R4-billion in revenue due to Covid-19 sales restrictions

April 21st 2021 at 15:52
Pick n Pay chairman Gareth Ackerman has called for more transparency in government decision-making as the slow roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine adds to the looming threat of a third wave of the pandemic and potentially stricter lockdowns conditions.

BUSINESS MAVERICK ANALYSIS: The rallying rand: Next stop, R14 to the dollar?

April 21st 2021 at 15:51
The rand has surprised over the past few weeks by outpacing its emerging market counterparts and coming in as the currency that has appreciated most this year. But are there sufficient tailwinds to carry it through R14 to the dollar and what will it take?

Local government elections will be held on October 27

The 2021 local government elections will take place on Wednesday, October 27, the presidency has announced.

The local government elections will be held in October. File photo.

World: Russia arrests over 450 at rallies for hunger-striking Navalny

April 21st 2021 at 15:48
MOSCOW, April 21 (Reuters) - Russian police rounded up more than 450 protesters on Wednesday as thousands of people in dozens of cities took part in marches organised by allies of hunger-striking Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny over his failing health in jail.

Armed robbery at Cape Gate Mall – Here’s what we know

April 21st 2021 at 15:48

Reports from several sources confirmed that an armed robbery took place at Cape Gate Mall in Brackenfell on Wednesday evening, 21 April 2021. As per a community news page on Facebook:

“SAPS are on the scene and still gathering information. Will update as soon as [more information] is available.”

Armed robbery at Cape Gate Mall, 21 April 2021

Active armed robbery targeting Foschini

As reported by RTC South Africa, the incident took place at approximately 18:40 on Wednesday evening. Robbers targeted Foschini, American Swiss and Markhams.

The suspects fled in a black Nissan Navara with a CCD registration number. While this information has not been confirmed, one netizen posted the following update on Twitter:

“Apparently, it was an active robbery. Five guys stole phones from Foschini. They had guns, but no one was shot it seems, so that is at least good news. That was definitely an adrenaline kick I didn’t need”.

Eyewitness accounts

An employee at the mall said on social media that their shift ended approximately 15 before the shooting. The employee’s colleagues informed them of the robbery while they were “hiding in the office”.

Yeah there’s a shooter inside the mall dude inside Foschini it’s happening now. I left 15 minutes ago because my shift is over and I finding out about it now. 😳

— Dwight Schrute (@Exuberantspinds) April 21, 2021

Yes, they are currently hiding in the office dude and my friends mom was at Truworths when it happened but she’s safe with my colleagues now. There’s armed response and everything

— Dwight Schrute (@Exuberantspinds) April 21, 2021

One Facebook user said they were walking around the Cape Gate mall when they noticed “all the shop doors were closed and the staff were standing, watching the passageway”. The netizen added:

“We asked the ladies at the door of Jet what was happening and they told us they were shooting… We had not heard it…. They let us in and we waited inside the store until it was safe to leave”.

Cape Gate employees kept shoppers safe

The user explained they saw police vans outside after the active armed robbery and said her daughter reportedly “heard from [an employee] that 5 armed guys robbed Foschini […] and American Swiss”.

Another user expressed concern for employees at the mall. One netizen said her “tummy [is] in all kinds of knots tonight. […] The staff at Limnos Bakers kept us calm and safe by locking their doors”.

Tummy in all kinds of knots tonight. Robbery at Cape Gate mall earlier…the staff limnos bakery kept us calm and safe…by locking their doors👌

— jasmin joy🌼 (@meyerjj) April 21, 2021

MAVERICK CITIZEN EASTERN CAPE: Mtandeki Xamlashe: The doctor breathing new life into Gqeberha’s ailing Livingstone Tertiary Hospital

April 21st 2021 at 15:46
In a brutally honest interview, the acting CEO of Gqeberha’s Livingstone Tertiary Hospital, Dr Mtandeki Xamlashe, recounts how the hospital came close to collapse and closure during 2020 and is still surviving day to day. | DA responds after GOOD pens open letter seeking clarification on Mazzone's qualifications

April 21st 2021 at 15:43
The DA on Wednesday went on the counter-attack against GOOD, who had been questioning DA chief whip Natasha Mazzone's representation of her qualifications.

WORLD PRESS FREEDOM INDEX: SA’s media relatively free, but Africa remains the most dangerous continent for journalists

April 21st 2021 at 15:40
The 2021 World Press Freedom Index, compiled by Reporters Without Borders, indicates that journalism – the buffer against disinformation – is ‘totally blocked or seriously impeded’ in 73 nations and ‘constrained’ in 59 others. South Africa ranks 32 out of 180 countries evaluated by the organisation.

OLYMPICS: FOOTBALL : South Africa Under-23 handed tough Tokyo Olympics assignment

April 21st 2021 at 15:38
The Tokyo Olympics are just three months away and South Africa’s football representatives now know who they will face in the group stages of the tournament.

OP-ED: The location of social housing in Cape Town: Separating fact from fiction

April 21st 2021 at 15:36
The clash over what constitutes the ‘inner-city’ of Cape Town exemplifies a crucial fact about social housing: It is all about location. Social rented accommodation in the right place is truly transformative. It facilitates the upward mobility of working-class black families by enabling access to economic opportunities, decent schools, healthcare, parks and public safety.

Search called off for man believed to be killed by Great White shark

April 21st 2021 at 15:23

The search for missing bodyboarder Robert Frauenstein who is believed to have been killed by a Great White shark has officially been called off. The 38-year-old went missing while bodyboarding along the Chinsta coastline in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday, 13 April. His bodyboard was found washed up on the beach with bite marks confirmed to be from a large Great White shark.

Police spokesperson Captain Khaya Tonjeni confirmed that the search ended on Wednesday, 21 April. “Today was the last day, the search is now over.”


NSRI East London assisted police in a coordinated search along the Chinsta coastline for several days after Frauenstein’s disappearance.

On a Facebook post, Kerry Hiles the sister of Frauenstein’s fiancé, wrote that officials had notified the family that the search was over.

“Based on conditions and animal activity on the day and throughout the week, they do not believe anything will be found. We are so very, very touched by and grateful for every single effort and hour spent on the search for Robert by official folk, but especially by volunteers/friends/family/perfect strangers. The size of hearts in this awful incident has brought so much light to an otherwise very dark experience. If you do only one thing today, may it be to hold your special person/ people really tight.”

On a earlier Facebook post she wrote that a shark was reportedly spotted earlier in the week before Fraunstein went missing.

“The teeth marks in his bodyboard are confirmed as that of a very large Great White shark, possibly the same shark spotted from the air earlier in the week.”


Hiles further wrote on Facebook that the family took comfort knowing Frauenstein was doing what he loved.

“We take comfort in the fact that Robert was doing what he loved and that his untimely demise would have been as swift, painless and without struggle as anyone could hope for. I ask that you keep Rob’s mother, Stephanie, and brother, Ed, in your thoughts, and especially my sister to whom Robert would have been wed next month. We acknowledge that the rescue mission has now become a recovery exercise and thank you in advance for your understanding as we move into a space of grieving.”

READ: Great White shark bite confirmed on bodyboard of missing EC man

Cape Town Fire: SANParks praises bravery of firefighters

April 21st 2021 at 15:07
By: SAnews

 The South African National Parks (SANParks) praised the bravery and dedication of firefighters in their efforts to contain the Cape Town fire which destroyed the Table Mountain National Park.

Those involved in containing the fire included the volunteers, City of Cape Town (CoCT) Fire, Rescue Services and Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) rangers, amongst others.

“The devastating fires across the TMNP have brought home the value of partnerships and working together as a community to manage this National Park we all love.

“Without the collective efforts of the 125 TMNP rangers, the 170 fire and rescue workers, the South African National Defence Force, CoCT personnel, law enforcement and the many volunteers, the damage, as devastating as it was, could have been much worse,” said SANParks CEO Fundisile Mketeni.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mketeni said the immediacy of the reactions of fire-fighting teams from all areas of the Western Cape, their skill, courage and commitment ensured that the fire was mostly contained by Monday afternoon.

The Rhodes Memorial Fire was reported at 9am on Sunday morning.

The TMNP/ contract wildfire crews (NCC Wildfire) from the Newlands Firebase were dispatched immediately.

TMNP Fire Manager, Philip Prins, co-ordinated the firefighters on the line from TMNP, NCC Wildfires, Working on Fire, CoCT Fire and Rescue Services and Volunteer Wildfire Services.

TMNP and the CoCT had four helicopters operating in the area. The SA Air Force also made available two helicopters to assist with the fire.

 “We also thank our 120 rangers who manage and protect this vast area of more than 28,000 hectares, recognising the many challenges they face.

“To manage an urban park stretching from Signal Hill to Cape Point, we rely heavily on our communities to assist, alert and raise the alarm on disasters like this, which is exactly what happened on Sunday morning,” Mketeni said.

SANParks also commended the generosity shown by the community of Cape Town to those firefighters and also to those most affected by the fire, most notably the 4 000 University of Cape Town students who had to be evacuated from their residences.

“The outpouring of support on an emotional level was matched if not surpassed by the generosity of donations of food, water and other necessities from businesses and communities,” Mketeni said.

SANParks estimates that the fire has destroyed 600 hectares of land in the TMNP thus far.

An independent investigation is being carried out on the causes and the origin of the fire.

SANParks will facilitate a platform for a series of discussions on the complex topic of managing fire in the park.

Now read: UCT students lose belongings amidst frantic Cape Town fire evacuation

Lotto and Lotto Plus results: Wednesday, 21 April 2021

April 21st 2021 at 15:00


  • The Lotto jackpot was estimated at R6 million
  • The Lotto Plus 1 jackpot was estimated at R1.8 million
  • The Lotto Plus 2 jackpot was estimated at R12 million

Make your dreams come true by playing the National Lotto. PHANDA, PUSHA, PLAY!

The Lotto results are published as soon as possible after the draw and confirmation, guaranteeing the quickest and easiest way for you to check your ticket.

While great care has been taken to ensure accuracy, The Citizen can take no responsibility for any error in the results and suggest verifying the numbers on the National Lotto website.

Here are the Lotto and Lotto Plus results for Wednesday, 21 April 2021: 

Lotto: 1, 7, 10, 11, 23, 31 Bonus: 8

Lotto Plus 1: 10, 18, 27, 30, 34, 36 Bonus: 44

Lotto Plus 2: 12, 14, 17, 25, 28, 38 Bonus: 4

Check out previous Lotto results here. For more details and to verify the numbers, visit the National Lottery website.

When do South African national Lottery ticket sales close? 

Lottery outlets close at 8.30pm on the day of a draw which happens at 9pm. The terms and conditions may differ from other service outlets. Visit for more information.

How much do I need to play Lotto?

Lotto entries cost R5 per board including VAT, with Lotto Plus 1 and 2 each costing an additional R2.50 per board. There are also other ways to play Lotto, including through your mobile and even through certain participating banks (T&Cs apply).

Visit and go to the How to Play section to find out more.

SCORPIO: Bad vibrations: Zweli Mkhize associate and Digital Vibes in ‘fraudulent’ tender mess

April 21st 2021 at 14:57
Digital Vibes, the company involved in a contentious R82-million Covid-19 communications contract from the Department of Health, submitted allegedly fraudulent information in bid documents for an earlier government deal. Scorpio’s latest investigation sheds more light on the Digital Vibes saga. | UCT fire: Students describe how they grabbed textbooks and laptops, and fled

April 21st 2021 at 14:36
Second-year student Elizabeth Pretorius was preparing for a sociology tutorial at her student residence when the fire broke out. | Ramaphosa's decision to reverse Zuma's NPA appointees was 'lawful and rational', court rules

April 21st 2021 at 14:36
The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria dismissed applications brought by two senior advocates, who were challenging President Cyril Ramaphosa's decision to reverse their appointments at the National Prosecuting Authority.

Wedding bells: Babes and Mampintsha to tie the knot this weekend

April 21st 2021 at 14:26

Bongekile Simelane, better known by her stage name “Babes Wodumo” and her fiancé Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo are set to have their traditional wedding this weekend in Kwazulu-Natal. 


The best man hinted at a wedding via a post on Instagram with the couple captioned,

“Thank you guys for trusting me with a position ehlonipheke kangaka #Bestman”.

Babes Wodumo commented “Mngani Wam ❤” in the comments section which translates to “my friend ❤.”


Babes Wodumo’s sister and public relations manager Nondumiso Simelane confirmed the news to TimesLive, saying that the couple will have their traditional wedding this weekend. 

“They are getting married on Sunday near Umhlanga,” said Nondumiso Simelane to TimesLive.

“Everyone is exhausted. It has been up and down. It’s their traditional wedding so you can imagine all the preparation that goes into such a big occasion,” she added. 

Nondumiso Simelane also said that the couple will have a white wedding in a few months time.

“They will have a white wedding, but it is not this weekend. It may be in about two or three months from now,” she continued. 

Both the traditional wedding and white wedding are likely to be broadcast on the couple’s upcoming reality show Uthando Lodumo.

“Babes and Mampintsha’s relationship has not been a fairytale romance. They’ve had serious issues as a couple, yet have chosen to remain together. The show focuses on how they have overcome their challenges, working through them with their families,” MultiChoice channel director of local entertainment, Nomsa Philiso, said of the show. 


The couple got engaged in October 2020. Mampinsta surprised Babe’s Wodumo when he unexpectedly went down on one knee during a live interview on Gagasi FM. 

“Within a blink of an eye and now I’m left speechless, the journey wasn’t easy but we stuck together through thick and thin. Ngiyabonga Mashimane,” said Babes Wodumo in excitement.

Congrats Babes and Mampintsha 💍💐

— 21 Years of Dj Tira (@DJTira) October 29, 2020

The couple has had a turbulent relationship with abuse allegations, court cases and infidelity claims, however their love seemed to prevail as Babes Wodumo expressed her love for her beau.


The wedding news follows rumours of the couple expecting their first child together. Babes Wodumo’s pregnancy has not yet been confirmed or denied, however, Twitter users noticed a baby bump in birthday pictures that were posted to Eyadini Lounge’s social media pages. This caused concern among fans as Babes was seen popping and sipping on a bottle of champagne. 

Ramaphosa announces local government elections date

April 21st 2021 at 14:19


President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the date for the 2021 local government elections.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, the Presidency said elections would take place on Wednesday, 27 October.

“This will be the sixth time under South Africa’s democratic dispensation that voters will elect leadership and public representatives at metropolitan, district and local level,” the Presidency said.

“The minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs will follow the necessary legal process to proclaim the date and undertake other requirements.

“The president urges eligible – and especially first-time voters – to ensure they are registered to participate in the elections which provide the basis for development and service delivery closest to where citizens live.”

Although some opposition parties, such as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), wanted the elections postponed, Ramaphosa hinted last week that they would go ahead this year as scheduled. The EFF cited the inability to campaign due to Covid-19 restrictions as the reason behind their call for a postponement.

Addressing a by-election campaign in Durban last Thursday in his capacity as ANC president, Ramaphosa said as the ruling party they believed that the upcoming local government elections should go ahead, adding that the governing party was ready for them.

Earlier in April, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) told Parliament that they were ready to deliver free and fair elections when called upon to do, adding that the Constitution did not allow for a postponement.

IEC vice-chairperson Janet Love said not having the election would lead to a legitimacy problem for current councillors when their terms end.

Commission deputy CEO for election operations Masego Sheburi elaborated on the issue, saying the Constitution placed a ceiling of five years on municipal councillors’ terms.

“The Constitution further dictates an election must be held within 90 days of the expiry of the term,” he said.

Additional reporting by Eric Naki

Land dispossessed need to be at centre of reform – Sowetan Dialogues

The process that is aimed at addressing land reform needs to place those who were dispossessed at the centre and not on the sidelines.

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi

WATCH: The latest on Uzalo, Wednesday 21 April 2021 – E33 S7

April 21st 2021 at 14:15

On tonight’s episode of Uzalo:

As one heist succeeds, anarchy erupts at the other. Nkunzi’s concerns around MaNgcobo’s whereabouts mount and Nosipho dishes out warnings to all the Panelbeaters..

Tonight on: Episode 33, Season 7

The latest episode will appear here when it becomes available.

Next on Uzalo

Sibonelo is caught in the crossfire of MaNgcobo’s plan. Mxolisi hijacks the police chopper. MaMlambo refuses to partner up with Mr. Mbatha to resurrect KKC.

Find out what else is going to happen during April in Uzalo here.


The happenings around the Xulu family from KwaMashu have kept South Africans glued to their TV screens every weekday at 20:30 for the past five years since the show’s premiere in February 2015.

UZALO is a provocative, bold and authentic narrative that tells the story of two family dynasties, the Mdletshes and the Xulus, and the two young men who carry their hopes and legacy’s.

How to watch the latest episode of Uzalo

The soapie airs every weeknight on SABC 1 and you can watch on your TV or online. After the episode airs, the episodes are also made available on YouTube for seven days. Episodes are also posted right here on as soon as they become available.


Employee confesses to stabbing ANC MPL Mapiti Matsena 11 times

April 21st 2021 at 14:13


An employee has admitted to murdering his employer, an ANC MPL, in Doornpoort in July 2020. Monoko Francis Thoka was found guilty of murder and housebreaking. The MPL was stabbed 11 times.

ANC MPL Mapiti Matsena was stabbed 11 times in his bedroom – while his wife was lying in bed – by the man he employed to look after his disabled son.

Monoko Francis Thoka, 30, appeared in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty to murdering Matsena in 2020 as well as house robbery.

In a plea explanation, read out by his lawyer, Martin Botha, Thoka said Matsena employed him in January 2019; they both came from the same village, Ga-marikana.

ALSO READ: Leaked list of Limpopo transgressors creates waves in ANC

He said he was employed to do gardening and to look after Matsena’s disabled son at their home in Doornpoort, Pretoria North.


A year after he was employed, Thoka said he had a verbal altercation with Matsena’s sister. He decided to resign from his job because of how he was “treated”. He also said he did not “regularly receive his full salary”.

Following his resignation, Thoka asked Matsena to return his possessions, including a phone, driver’s licence, a hair cutter and clothes. ANC Gauteng MPL Mapiti Matsena, who was killed at his home.

“The deceased refused to hand over my possessions, whereafter a verbal altercation ensued, which ended in the deceased physically assaulting me,” Thoka claimed.

Thoka opened a case of assault against Matsena, but the matter was later withdrawn.

Thoka said he entered Matsena’s house in February to retrieve his possessions, but only found some of his clothing.

He asked his mother to contact Matsena’s parents, in an attempt to get the rest of his possessions, but this also had little success.

“I was informed by my mother that the deceased informed his parents that he would return my possessions after I repaid an amount the deceased had inadvertently paid into my bank account, instead of his bond account. I checked my account, but found no such deposit and informed my mother of this fact.”


Thoka said the events that unfolded led to him forming the opinion that Matsena was being disrespectful.

“This impression was confirmed when I was informed that the criminal case against the deceased was withdrawn without any reason,” Thoka said.

“I became very frustrated and emotional about the way I was treated. This caused me a lot of distress because I had tried by all means to resolve the situation.

“I further wish to state that, on 15 July 2020, I decided to take revenge by confronting the deceased and to show him he could not treat people like that.”


Thoka said he went to Matsena’s house and waited for him to return home.

He gained entry into the home by using a closed, but unlocked, exterior bedroom door. He said he knew it would not be locked.

Once there, he found Matsena’s wife in bed.

“I told her to remain quiet and covered her with the blanket, and waited for the deceased to come into the room. While I was waiting, I took the cardholder and contents from the trousers of the deceased.”

When Matsena returned to the bedroom, he saw Thoka. Matsena immediately started to fight, in an effort to defend himself.

“In the process, my emotions took over. I started to stab the deceased with a knife I had in my possession, and we ended up on the ground,” Thoka said.

“I vented my anger towards the deceased by attacking him with the knife, stabbing him several times, I can’t remember how many times. My intention was to stab the deceased.”

According to the post-mortem report, part of which was read out by Judge Hendrik de Vos, Matsena was stabbed 11 times.

Several of the stab wounds were deep, which included stab wounds to the right side of Matsena’s face, just below his jaw and to his chest.

Matsena died at his home shortly after the attack.

Thoko fled and was arrested two days later in Ga-marikana.

Guilty as charged

State prosecutor Mari Marriott accepted the plea explanation and handed in further admissions, including the post-mortem report.

Thoka said, while the events that unfolded made him reckless, he knew that he was committing an offence at the time, that his actions were wrong and could lead to the death of Matsena.

“I apologise for my actions and beg for forgiveness and mercy for my wrong actions.”

De Vos officially found Thoka guilty of murder and housebreaking.

The matter has been postponed to 19 July for sentencing.

Alex Mitchley

Look: These photos were taken in Europe’s coldest city

April 21st 2021 at 14:12

Photographer Arseniy Kotov, whose work focuses on documenting “architecture and life in the post-Soviet world”, visited Vorkuta in February and toured various housing complexes built for workers, many of which were abandoned when the mines closed.

One building in particular, though, is evidence of how desertion continues to unsettle the once-thriving city, an ongoing problem that Kotov captured in a stunning series.

Vorkuta: Europe’s coldest city

Located about 110 miles from the Arctic Ocean lies the Russian town of Vorkuta, a small mining town that once held one of the largest and most gruelling forced labour camps during Stalin’s reign.

The Vorkutlag forced-labour camp at Vorkuta was established in 1932. Mining continued after the Gulags disappeared, but high costs forced many mine closures in the early 2000s.

Over the past two decades, Vorkuta has become something of a ghost town. Often plagued by temperatures as low as -61°F (-52°C), the city now has one of the fastest dwindling populations in all of Russia.

A bustling ghost town…

His photographs frame the dilapidated, five-story structure that’s entirely subsumed by feet-long icicles and mounded snow.

Relics from former residents and the chipped, blue paint peek through the frost, much of which clings to the stairs and banisters and climbs the walls.

Speaking to Cover Images, Kotov said that buildings are often transformed into similarly chilling caves when pipes burst due to lack of maintenance, leading to splashes of hot water, subsequent high humidity, and then ice growth on every surface.

There are an estimated 50 000 to 70 000 residents in Vorkuta at present, with many abandoned structures littering the landscape.

At the time of Kotov’s visit, one family remained in the Severniy-district building, which was still connected to the central heating system that runs through Russian cities, making it easier to pass through some of the walkways thanks to warmth from the radiators.

‘Managed compression strategy’

Although Kotov wasn’t able to meet the sole occupants, he did hear that they moved not long after his tour, with him telling Cover Images:

“As I know, locals said that after one week as I visited this building, he and his wife were resettled to another apartment, and this whole building was cut off from all the communications (water, heating, electricity)”.

He added that, due to the dwindling population, it’s unprofitable to heat an entire building. He says “people are gradually moved to where there are more inhabitable apartments. Local authorities call it a ‘managed compression strategy.'”

Many of Kotov’s photographs are compiled in his book Soviet Cities: Labour, Life & Leisure, and his second book, which is full of images he captured while hitchhiking around the country, is slated for release in November.

Prints are available from Galleri Artsight, and you can follow Kotov’s sightings and travels on Instagram via @northern.friend.

Via: Cover Media

Coconut and date balls – Delightful melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat

April 21st 2021 at 14:11

Feeling peckish? This coconut and date balls recipe will satisfy that craving for a sweet treat. And the best part is that this snack is healthier than most sweet treats you may try.

Dates have many health benefits. Not only do they contain a natural type of fruit sugar, named, fructose, but they are also loaded with fibre. Dates are also packed with antioxidants that protect your cells from free radicals.

This coconut and date balls recipe contains sugar, but if you want to make it a completely healthy treat, simply swap the sugar for honey and you have a guilt-free snack to enjoy.

This recipe is very quick and easy to prepare and keeps well in the fridge for a few weeks. You can even freeze the date balls in the freezer if you have made a large batch.

If you do not have much time on hand, instead of rolling the mixture into balls, you can make bars by pressing the mixture into a baking tray and allowing to cool.

Coconut and Date Ball Recipe

5 from 1 vote
Recipe by Jessica Alberts Course: Dessert, TreatsCuisine: GlobalDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking time


Resting time




Total time




  • 125 g butter

  • ¼ cup sugar

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon

  • 250 g dates, chopped

  • 1 egg, whisked

  • 1 packet biscuits (Tennis or Marie biscuits work best), crushed

  • 100 g coconut, for rolling


  • In a small saucepan, melt the butter. Add the sugar and stir until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Add the vanilla essence, cinnamon and the dates and heat for five minutes until the dates are soft.
  • Take the mixture off the stove and transfer to a large mixing bowl.
  • Add the whisked egg and mix well.
  • Add the biscuits and coat well with the mixture.
  • Put the mixture in the fridge to cool for 20 minutes and then roll into medium-sized balls.
  • Roll in coconut and store in an airtight container, in the fridge.


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Coconut and Date Ball Recipe

Mechanic dies after being driven over by Putco bus in freak accident

April 21st 2021 at 14:05
A 61-year-old man has died at the Dobsonville depot in Soweto after he was run over by a Putco bus driver while he was fixing the vehicle.

A Public Utility Transport Corporation (Putco) depot in Dobsonville, Soweto, where one of the company's employees died on duty.

SPCA finds burnt bodies of piglets trapped in cages during Cape Town fire [pics]

April 21st 2021 at 14:01

The Cape of Goodhope SPCA has been combing through areas affected by the Cape Town Fire since Tuesday, 20 April, in the hope of finding animals that could be saved. Unfortunately, inspectors found the charred remains of wildlife that couldn’t escape the blaze.

The worst, however, was yet to come. On Wednesday, a team of SPCA inspectors found the burnt remains of two piglets locked in a cage on the slopes of Table Mountain.


“While our team were searching through the fire-ravaged areas we were expecting to see some horrific sites, but nothing could have prepared them for this!” said the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in a blog post on its website.

Inspectors found the burnt remains of two small piglets locked in a cage, in the forest, approximately two kilometres from Madiba Circle at the University of Cape Town’s upper campus. The piglets were held in separate cages.

The animal welfare organisation said the grisly discovery was shocking and left inspectors dumbfounded and called it “a complete mystery.”

“What we do know is that these tiny piglets were left out in the open, without shelter, food or water for an undetermined period of time before they died, they were contained in padlocked cages with no way to escape and likely suffered the torture of the blazing fire,” said the SPCA.

Animal lovers expressed their grief in the comment section of the SPCA’s Facebook post.

“This is so unbelievable. How people can do this is beyond comprehension and why?” questioned one user. “I really hope you find the culprits! Poor piglets, the fear they must have felt.”

“Out of all the horrid behaviours of humans, the sweet innocent animals paid the ultimate price,” said another.

Another Facebook user suggested that the piglets could have belonged to an individual that was sleeping rough on the mountain and did not have time to save the animals while running from the blaze, saying, “May well be a tragic accident with no intention of cruelty at all.”

The SPCA responded and said that even if that were the case, the manner in which the piglets were kept was unacceptable.


The images below are disturbing and are not suitable for sensitive readers.

burnt piglet spca
Photo via: Cape of Good Hope SPCA
burnt piglet spca
Photo via: Cape of Good Hope SPCA
burnt piglet spca
Photo via: Cape of Good Hope SPCA


The SPCA needs the public’s help to bring the individual(s) responsible for this horrific act to book. Anonymous tip offs can be made via phone calls to 083-326-1604 after hours or 021-700-4158/9 during work hours.

Reports can also be made via the SPCA’s “report cruelty link” on its website.

The SPCA is raising funds to assist animals that were injured in the Cape Town fire. It has started a back-a-buddy campaign to purchase cool packs and various items to help any animals that were hurt during the blaze

You can make a donation here.


Photo via: Cape of Good Hope SPCA


Photo via: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

WhatsApp-Image-2021-04-21-at-17.18.13 (1)

Photo via: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Follow in struggle stalwart Charlotte Maxeke’s footsteps this Freedom Month

April 21st 2021 at 14:01
By: SAnews

On Wednesday, ahead of the annual Freedom Day commemoration, a virtual panel discussion was organised by the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) to mark the life and times of Maxeke as a freedom fighter.

The panelists described Maxeke as a woman who was always determined to work for others.

Dr Musawenkosi Donia Saurombe, from the Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute (CMMI), said Maxeke had made an enormous contribution to the improvement of people’s lives, particularly women.

Maxeke was selfless. “Charlotte continued to be a selfless character. She was a pioneer.”

Saurombe said it was important for women to follow in Maxeke’s footsteps and emulate her determination to challenge the status quo.

The Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute (CMMI) is a family initiative born out of the desire to preserve, promote, elevate and leverage the legacy left behind by Mme Charlotte.

Maxeke was a South African religious leader, social and political activist; she was the first black woman to graduate with a university degree in South Africa with a BSc from Wilberforce University Ohio in 1903, as well as the first black African woman to graduate from an American university.

Born on 7 April 1871, she was the only woman who attended the launch of the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) in Bloemfontein in 1912.

She witnessed the 1878-1879 last Frontier war, the battle of Isandlwana in 1879, the battle of Adwa in Ethiopia, 1896, the Pan African Congress and the Bhambatha Rebellion of 1906.

She and other selfless women of her generation fought against oppression at a time when such defiance was met with unrelenting force. 

This year marks the 150th anniversary of struggle icon and Freedom Month is being celebrated under the theme “The Year of Charlotte Maxeke: the Meaning of Freedom under COVID-19”.

Government has called on everyone to use the Freedom Month and Freedom Day celebrations to pull together and continue to fight COVID-19 while striving for greater inclusion and social cohesion.

As government has declared 2021 the year to remember Maxeke, Dr Saurombe said the CMMI had planned a number of programmes and activities to commemorate the life and times of the struggle icon.

Zubeida Jaffer, an award-winning South African journalist and activist, is the author of ‘Beauty of the Heart: The Life and Times of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke’.

She wrote the book over a period of three years.

“I believe more could be written about Charlotte. There are many big moments that people can read about her,” Jaffer said.

Jaffer told other panelists that Maxeke used to teach herd boys at night, while continuing to do her other activities. “Often it is the small things that we make that impact on other people’s lives,” she said.

Reshoketswe Mosuwe, the President of the 19th Episcopal District Women’s Missionary Society A.M.E Church, said she was humbled and proud to be following in Maxeke’s footsteps.

“We believe that she still lives in us,” Mosuwe said.

Mosuwe was invited to speak about the life and times of Maxeke as a church leader and as a spiritual woman in the A.M.E church.

Maxeke was greatly influenced by AMEC.

She became the organiser of the Women’s Mite Missionary Society in Johannesburg, and then moved to the Polokwane (then Pietersburg) area. There she joined her family in Dwaars River, under Chief Ramakgopa, who gave her money to start a school.

With regards to gender-based violence, Mosuwe called on everyone to fight the scourge. “She was a fighter and fighting gender-based violence is part of honouring her,” she said. 

WATCH: Wednesday’s Episode of Generations – The Legacy, E364 S29 (21 April 2021)

What’s happening on tonight’s episode…

Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA

Tshidi is like the cat that got the cream this morning… Lesedi refuses to acknowledge what’s literally staring her in the face. Fikile isn’t nearly as up and chuppy after Ayanda’s revelation.

Watch: the latest episode 364, S29

The latest episode will appear here when it becomes available.

If you missed any other episodes, find more Generations episodes to watch here.

Next on Generations: The Legacy

Tracy makes a startling discovery in the early morning. Kabisi’s bad mood gets even worse when the phone won’t stop ringing. Pele receives a tip-off that changes the game.

Read all about what’s happening in Generations: The Legacy in April over here.

What is Generations: The Legacy about?

A place where drama, suspense and intrigue are the name of the game when you’re up against enemies you don’t even know you have. A place where people will stop at nothing to get their lovers even if it means resorting to violence, seduction and even murder.

The cast of Generations: The Legacy

Katlego DankeDineo Tlaole
Thami MnqoloSenzo Dhlomo
Menzi NgubaneSibusiso Dlomo
Seputla SebogodiKenneth Mashaba
Sophie NdabaQueen Moroka
Mandla GadukaSelwyn “Choppa” Maithufi
Maggie BenedictAkhona Griffiths
Winnie NtshabaKhethiwe Ngcobo
Nambitha MpumlwanaMawande Memela
Zenande MfenyanaNoluntu Memela
Zolisa XaluvaJason Malinga
Anga MakhubaloBandile ‘MJ’ Memela
Zikhona SodlakaPriska Dlhomo
Slindile NodangalaRuby Dikobe
Thato MolamuNicholas Nomvete
Patrick ShaiPatrick Tlaole
Atandwa KaniSamora Lembede

Where can I watch Generations: The Legacy episodes?

Episodes air on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20:00, DSTV Channel 191. If you’re unable to catch the latest episode when it airs, we’ll be publishing full episodes from the SABC. Stick with us, and you’ll never miss an episode again.


Here’s how Tokyo Sexwale can avoid being a 419 ‘scam victim’

April 21st 2021 at 13:40


Just when you wondered if 419 scams were still around, a well-known South African falls for a scam on national television.

Businessman and former Cabinet minister Tokyo Sexwale was not the first and he will not be the last to be taken in by online scams.

ALSO READ: Sexwale’s young partner is a bit of a lady of mystery

While Sexwale fell for the White Spiritual Boy Trust scam, run by a Mr Clark Leong Boey claiming to be based in Singapore, the modus operandi is the same: from the terrible English used in documents to the overuse of capitals. And of course the billions of US dollars.

Even just searching for White Spiritual Boy Trust online brings up about 33 million results. After reading some of the results, it is quite clear that it is a scam. It could only be, with almost a trillion rand in the game.

Here is another one

One of the latest scams doing the rounds is in the form of an email that goes:

Good Day,

I work as the Accountant and Auditor Manager in a bank here in South Africa; I have a very confidential business proposition for you.

There is an unclaimed huge funds in our bank that belongs to a foreign customer whom died with his entire family of the covid-19 pandemic.

I am seeking for your good collaboration to transfer the funds to you as the immediate relative for our both benefit, and also to help they needy during these trying times.

Kindly get back to me once you have read this mail and if you’re interested, so I shall send to you more relevant details.

Please send your reply to my private Email address:

Yours Sincerely.

Mr.Ralph Nicholas.(sic)

Reserve Bank

The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) says it often gets requests and calls for assistance from people who were victims of “advance fee fraud” scams, known as “419” or “Nigerian letter” scams. This kind of fraud is called ‘4-1-9’ after the section of the Nigerian penal code that addresses fraud schemes.

While the Sarb has been working with the South African Police Service to stop these scams, people are still falling for them.

ALSO READ: Gogo conned out of R450 billion in phone scam

They not only lose large amounts of money, but become part of the illicit economy where the money is invariably used to buy drugs for resale to the public or financing terrorist activities in various countries.

How these scams work

According to the Sarb, the scammers usually start with a letter, email, SMS, a social networking site or faxed document that informs the potential victims that they will receive a large percentage of a sizeable amount of funds, usually in dollars (and usually millions) if they can help to get the money.

The money is usually part of an inheritance, over-budgeted contract payment or lottery winnings. The message stresses that confidentiality must be maintained at all times and as soon as you respond, the scam begins.

Once the perpetrator receives a positive response to the initial letter, he will ask for your banking details, passport and ID number, as well as various other personal details. He will keep communicating with you until the final details of how and when these millions of dollars will be exchanged are agreed upon.

ALSO READ: Financial scams – how to avoid becoming a victim

At this stage, he will send you authentic-looking documents, allegedly signed by influential people, such as the governor or any of the deputy governors of the Sarb with the logo of the Sarb, confirming that the millions of dollars are awaiting transfer to your nominated bank account.

Now you have to start paying up if you wish to see all these dollars. The scammer will ask you to advance money to get the alleged clearance documents, such as anti-money laundering and tax clearance certificates. After you pay the required fees, he will ask for more fees.

Now you are between the devil and the deep blue sea: you lose the original fees you paid or you can pay more fees in the hope of a bigger payoff. This is how thousands of rands (or dollars) are swindled from unsuspecting victims. The payoff, of course, never happens, because the money was never there to begin with.

Meetings are often arranged to sign the documents and if you are unable to go, a “lawyer” or “barrister” is appointed for you and you have to pay for this person’s services too. As soon as your bank account is empty, the lines of communication are abandoned and you have no way of recovering the lost funds.

How to spot a 419 scam

  • The scam email will emphasise confidentiality and “risk-free” transactions
  • The source of the money sounds too good to be true
  • The amount is unrealistic
  • The letter often, but not always, contains grammatical errors.

READ MORE: Beware of online coronavirus scams | JSC 'can’t predict' how long Hlophe gross misconduct process may take - but FUL demands dates

April 21st 2021 at 13:40
Freedom Under Law has demanded answers from the Judicial Service Commission about when it will make a decision on Judge President John Hlophe's possible suspension and impeachment for gross misconduct.

Explosive Huge Group video attacks motives of Adapt IT executives

April 21st 2021 at 13:34
Huge Group’s top management has launched an explosive video which attacks the motives of Adapt IT executives related to an offer to acquire the company.

Sundowns sharpening their sword for Kaizer Chiefs

April 21st 2021 at 13:31


Mamelodi Sundowns jetted back to Gauteng immediately after playing to a goalless draw against AmaZulu at the Kings Park Stadium on Wednesday afternoon, as they maintained their cushion at the summit of the DStv Premiership, with a six-point gap over Usuthu.

ALSO READ: AmaZulu and Sundowns share the spoils

Masandawana will now shift their focus to rivals Kaizer Chiefs, who they face this coming Sunday at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium. Downs co-head coach Manqoba Mngqithi says while his team has a busy schedule, the conditioning team at Chloorkop will make sure that players are ready for Amakhosi.

“This Chiefs game is a little bit better because it gives us an extra day from the match. We probably played 12 matches in a space of less than 30 days and we are hanging in there, we are always pushing the team to make sure we are fresh, knowing that we have mileage,” said Mngqithi.

“At least we played on a Wednesday and we are playing on a Sunday, so we have that one more day that we hardly had in previous matches. We are hoping that the team will be slightly better going into the Sunday match.”

“The conditioning department always comes up with good strategies to always recover the team and … even against AmaZulu we fielded a team that has played so many matches with so many minutes on the legs,” Mngqithi added.

Usuthu and Downs’ game was hyped as one of the marquee games going towards the business end of the season as the KwaZulu-Natal outfit have been enjoying an impressive run, having won six games in a row, before Wednesday’s draw – setting a club record. Mngqithi was proud of his players even though they did not get all three points.

“We matched them with the physical conditioning and our tiredness never really got exposed that much, maybe we started to show in the last few minutes of the game but the truth is, we do a lot of good work in terms of our recovery program, because we are used to playing a lot of matches.”

More misery for coach Gavin Hunt as Kaizer Chiefs are beaten by Cape Town City at home

Kaizer Chiefs coach Gavin Hunt desperately wanted to collect maximum points against Cape Town City on Wednesday evening as he still habours hopes of at least finishing in the top five of the standings in his maiden season at the helm at Amakhosi.

Kaizer Chiefs suffered their seventh defeat of the season on Wednesday and they have dropped back to 11th place on the table.

'Coffin assault' case judge put forward for deputy JP post in Mpumalanga

In all her years as a judge, only one judgment of Judge Segopotje Mphahlele had ever been overturned and this was the coffin assault case.

Mpumalanga high court judge Segopotjo Mphahlele has been nominated for deputy judge president of the province.

Gomora: Watch the latest episode Wednesday, 21 April 2021 – E258 S1

April 21st 2021 at 13:15

What’s happening on tonight’s episode:

Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA

Melusi and Thathi make a deal about Langa’s surname and living arrangements. Pretty prays to Nomsa’s God, she desperately wants to know what has happened to Nomsa.

Melusi pleads with Gladys to give him a chance to make things right with her and his sons.

Watch: Latest Gomora episode 258

The latest episode will appear here after once it becomes available.

If you missed other episodes, find more Gomora Episodes to watch here.

Next on Gomora

Sonto’s behaviour makes Pretty suspicious. Gladys chooses to be the bigger person. Even in death, Nomsa still gives Sonto and Thathi a headache.

All caught up and want to know what is coming next ? Take a look at the April soapie teasers right here.

About Gomora

Gomora is a South African telenovela was produced as a Mzansi Magic Production by Seriti. It was created by Gwydion Beynon, Phathushedzo Makwarela and Kutlwano Ditsele; and co-created by Amanda Lane. The series revolves around the worlds of the upper- and lower-class communities of posh Sandton and neighbouring Alexandra – a crowded, hard-working township nicknamed Gomora. The programme’s dialogue is primarily in Tswana and Zulu and is subtitled in English with some English dialogue in between.

See the main cast here:

The main cast includes the following actors (and the characters they play):

Katlego Danke (Thathi)
Zolisa Xaluva (Melusi)
Connie Chiume (Mam’Sonto)
Thembi Seete (Gladys)
Ntobeko Sishi (Ntokozo)
Siphesihle Ndaba (Mazet)
Ama Qamata (Buhle)
Siya Xaba (Langa)

Catch the latest episode every weekday at 19:30 on Mzansi Magic – or check for the episodes after they have aired.

Gomora – Updated when available

Kaizer Chiefs’ struggles continue with City defeat

April 21st 2021 at 13:10


Kaizer Chiefs’ domestic woes continued on Wednesday, as a late rally at FNB Stadium could not prevent Gavin Hunt’s men from slumping to a 2-1 DStv Premiership defeat at the hands of Cape Town City.

ALSO READ: AmaZulu and Sundowns share the spoils

It was all Amakhosi as the final whistle blew, spurred on by substitute Kearyn Baccus’  second half strike, that had halved the deficit after City had surged into a two goal lead.

In the end, however, Amakhosi slipped to a first defeat in their last six DStv Premiership matches, though there has also been only one win for Chiefs in that time, and they currently sit in a lowly 11th in the table. Next up for Chiefs is the daunting prospect of an unbeaten Mamelodi Sundowns on Sunday.

Jan Olde Riekerink’s City, meanwhile, have moved eight points clear of Amakhosi in seventh and are looking back on song after their second league win in a row.

City had a fantastic chance in the 19th minute, as a Chiefs mistake saw the ball land at the feet of Tashreeq Morris inside the area, but he blazed over the bar.

A minute later, Thabo Nodada strode into acres of space down the right and crossed for Makola, but Itumeleng khune just got in to palm the ball away.

The pressure told, however, as in the 22nd minute, City did take the lead. Terrence Mashego, who had given Chiefs plenty of problems in the shirt of TS Galaxy in the 2019 Nedbank Cup final, got away down the left and sent in a fine cross that Morris toe-poked fiercely under Khune and into the back of the net.

Morris nearly added another not long after, his shot again squirming under the body of Khune, but this time the Chiefs ‘keeper got enough on it to be able to recover and grab the ball before it cross the goal line.

Amakhosi were limited in their opportunities in the first half, one tame effort from captain Bernard Parker easily grabbed by Peter Leeuwenburgh, and another overhead kick from Siyabonga Ngezana tipped easily over the bar by the City ‘keeper.

Hunt brought on Kearyn Baccus for Nkosingiphile Ngcobo after the break, and Chiefs did improve in attack, with Khama Billat finding some more space down the left.

Two minutes into the second half, Baccus had the chance to make an immediate impact, as the ball fell at his feet from a corner, but Thamsanqa Mkhize got out to block his effort.

And in the 52nd minute, City went further in front, as Fagrie Lakay found Ralani, who strode forward and unchallenged by Chiefs’ watching defence, he opted to have a shot that took a deflection of Erick Mathoho, and totally wrong-footed Khune.

Chiefs nearly pulled one back immediately, as Samir Nurkovic’s effort was brilliantly cleared off the line by Taariq Fielies.

Hunt threw on Dumisani Zuma and Happy Mashiane in a bid to invigorate Chiefs’ attack and it paid instant dividends. Zuma beat two men down the right and crossed for Baccus, who headed emphatically home.

Chiefs pushed for an equaliser and Nurkovic’s long-range effort was pushed away by Leeuewenburgh.

Amakhosi then missed a great chance to equalise in the 84th minute as Mashiane’s cross found Ngezana unmarked at the back post, but his effort hit the side netting. | Who created Eskom suspension letter? IT expert tells Zondo something's not adding up

April 21st 2021 at 13:07
Cecil Louwrens of Quintessence Forensics told the Zondo Commission that while a forensic assessment cited Suzanne Daniels as the creator of suspension letters in 2015, the details were worth probing further to ensure documents were not tampered with.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic unveils first ‘next-gen spaceship’ [photos]

April 21st 2021 at 13:04

The VSS Imagine made its debut on 30 March 2021, and is the first of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShip III class of vehicles.

This will be the second spacecraft the company will able to test – Unity vehicle had its first manned test flight in December. It was cut short due to electromagnetic interference, however.

Virgin Galactic’s VSS Imagine

The VSS Imagine is finished in a mirror-like material that will provide thermal protection and reflect its surroundings. That means its colour will shift constantly as the ship makes its journey from Earth to space.

virgin galactic spaceship
Image via Cover Media

Utilising a modular design, the SpaceShip III class of vehicles are built to enable improved performance in terms of maintenance access and flight rate, says Virgin Galactic.

VSS Imagine will also commence ground testing this year. Glide flights planned for the summer from Spaceport America in New Mexico. In addition, Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier told CNBC:

“For us to make the business start to scale, at the places that we’re aspiring towards, we need two things: We need many more ships than we have right now, but we also need the ships that we bring forward to be built in a way that they’re able to be maintained in a way that we can have much quicker [turnaround times between flights] than what we have with Unity”.

virgin galactic spaceship
Image via Virgin Galactic.

Branson: ‘Bring positive change to our planet’

Its introduction is also an important milestone in the company’s targets of flying 400 flights per year, per spaceport. Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, explained:

“[Our] spaceships are built specifically to deliver a new, transforming perspective to the thousands of people who will soon be able to experience the wonder of space for themselves. As a SpaceShip III class of vehicle, Imagine is not just beautiful to look at. [It] represents Virgin Galactic’s growing fleet of spaceships”.

Furthermore, Branson added, “all great achievements, creations and changes start with an idea”.

virgin galactic spaceship
Image via Virgin Galactic.

Now read: Starlink to launch in South Africa in 2022

Therefore, Branson is hopeful that “all those who travel to space [will] return with fresh perspectives and new ideas that will bring positive change to our planet.”

At the same time, manufacturing of VSS Inspire, the second SpaceShip III vehicle within the Virgin Galactic fleet, will continue. Moreover, Michael Colglazier, chief executive of Virgin Galactic, said:

“VSS Imagine and Inspire are stunning ships that will take our future astronauts on an incredible voyage to space; their names reflect the aspirational nature of human spaceflight.”

virgin galactic spaceship
Image via Virgin Galactic.

Via: Cover Media

virgin galactic spaceship

Image via Cover Media

virgin galactic spaceship

Image via Virgin Galactic.

virgin galactic spaceship

Image via Virgin Galactic.

virgin galactic spaceship

Image via Virgin Galactic.

Daily Lotto results for Wednesday, 21 April 2021

April 21st 2021 at 13:03

Are you ready for the Daily Lotto draw on Wednesday, 21 April? It’s yet another chance to find out whether or not you’re one of South Africa’s latest Daily Lotto winners.

If you’ve decided to Phanda, Pusha, Play then you might just strike gold here.

Let’s have a look at the jackpot and Good luck!

Daily Lotto Jackpot for 21/04/2021 is estimated at R400 000!

Results are all updated and loaded on this page on or after 21:15 and if you can’t see the results refresh your browser.

Daily Lotto Winning Numbers

21/04/202103, 04, 08, 23, 26
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For more details and to verify the winning numbers visit the National Lottery website.

You need to always confirm the official winning numbers on the National Lottery website. We do our best to post the results as accurately as possible but the National Lottery is the only source you can use to 100% verify the results.

When do lottery ticket sales close?

If you are buying your tickets from an existing Lottery outlet, they close at 20:30 on the day of a draw. The terms and conditions for other lotto services vary – please read them when you sign up for these services.

What does a Daily Lotto ticket cost?

  • A single DAILY LOTTO play will cost you R3.00 vat incl.
  • But be aware if you use any of the online services, there might be an additional charge. Always check the terms and conditions.

Lotto and Lotto Plus results for Wednesday, 21 April 2021

April 21st 2021 at 13:03

Are you ready for the Lotto and Lotto Plus draw on Wednesday, 21 April? It’s yet another chance to find out whether or not you’re South Africa’s latest overnight millionaire.

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Lotto: R6 million
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No arrests yet for burglary at state capture inquiry offices

No arrests have been made for the burglary at the state capture commission’s Parktown offices police said.

Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo said the commission would not be intimidated. File photo.

SA’s private wealth plunges as millionaires bolt

April 21st 2021 at 12:45


Despite South Africa being home to more than twice as many dollar millionaires or high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) than any other African country, the total private wealth held in the country declined by 25% between 2010 and 2020.

This is according to the Africa Wealth Report 2021, published on Tuesday by Johannesburg-based wealth intelligence firm New World Wealth together with Mauritius-based AfrAsia Bank.

The report notes that South Africa has around 36 000 millionaires or HNWI, 1 930 multi-millionaires (+$10 million) and five dollar-billionaires.

But alarmingly, it also points out that around 4 200 HNWIs have left South Africa over the past decade [2010 to 2020].

ALSO READ: Oppenheimer, Rupert lead the SA pack as rich keep getting richer

This, together with the depreciation of the rand, poorer economic growth levels as well as the impact of Covid-19 last year, contributed to the 25% plunge in privately held wealth.

The annual report, compiled by noted wealth analyst Andrew Amoils, provides an in-depth review of the wealth sector, including HNWI trends, luxury trends and wealth management trends on the African continent.

‘Total wealth’ refers to the private wealth held by all the individuals living in each country. It includes all their assets (property, cash, equities, business interests) and less any liabilities. Only people living in each country (residents) are included in the research, while government funds are excluded.

Egypt is the second-largest ‘wealth market’ in Africa, however, it has one more billionaire (6) than South Africa.

South Africa has more than double the amount of HNWIs and multi-millionaires than Egypt, which comes in at 15 500 and 810 respectively.

Nigeria, the continent’s biggest economy, is in the third spot on the private wealth list. It has 9 100 HNWIs, 460 multi-millionaires and four billionaires.

According to the Africa Wealth Report 2021, the continent had around 150 000 HNWIs back in 2010, but this has dropped to around 125 000 in 2020.

South Africa’s decline was worse, largely due to the depreciation of the rand, poorer economic growth levels, Covid-19 and emigration from the country.

“Africa’s performance was constrained by poor performance in the three largest African markets, namely: South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria. Angola also performed poorly,” Amoils notes in the latest report.

ALSO READ: Billionaires have recouped Covid-19 losses, Oxfam reports reveals

“The coronavirus outbreak has also had a severe impact on Africa – our estimates show that private wealth and HNWI levels in Africa have dropped by around 9% over the past year [2020] alone,” he adds.

“Some have also gone to Switzerland, Israel, Mauritius, New Zealand, the UAE, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Malta,” he adds.

Amoils believes another factor highlighting the decline in South Africa’s HNWIs is the “sluggish local prime residential property market”. He says that homes valued at over R10 million (equates to around US$700 000) have become very difficult to sell in the country.

Meanwhile, the report notes that Mauritius is the wealthiest country in Africa, in terms of average wealth per person (wealth per capita). South Africa comes in the second spot from a wealth per capita perspective (over $10 000 per person).

“Mauritius’ growth rate is impressive when considering that wealth per capita levels there are already quite healthy at over US $30000 per person. The World Bank officially classified Mauritius as a high-income country in July 2020,” Amoils points out.

Suren Naidoo

This story first appeared on Moneyweb and has been republished with permission.

Nigeria's senate approves external loans worth $2.7 bln

April 21st 2021 at 12:33
Nigeria is taking on the debt to try to curb the economic hit of the coronavirus pandemic, which last year pushed the country, Africa's largest economy, into a recession from which it began to slowly recover in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The Export-Import Bank of Brazil is lending Nigeria 995 million euros to help the agricultural sector.

Police officer injured as cash in transit robbery foiled in KZN

April 21st 2021 at 12:33

A foiled cash in transit (CIT) heist in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) on Tuesday left a police officer and a security guard injured after a group of men opened fire on them when their plans to bomb the vehicle and make off with the cash inside went awry. 

Police responded swiftly to the incident, ensuring that the five suspects were unable to get away after they forcefully removed a cash box from the security guard on duty. Prior to getting the call about the incident, they had been reviewing footage at a nearby mall where another CIT robbery had taken place in March. 

Cash in transit robbery foiled

South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson in KZN, Brigadier Jay Naicker, said in a statement on Wednesday 21 April that the incident took place at approximately 15:30 on Tuesday, 

“Yesterday police officers from the Durban Central police station visited a shopping mall in their police precinct to view video footage that could assist them in an investigation that they were conducting. As they were viewing the footage, they were alerted to a cash-in-transit robbery that had taken place on the premises and they immediately responded,”  he said. 

He said that five men confronted the security guard and forcefully removed the cash box from his possession before all hell broke loose, with the suspects opening fire on the responding officers.”

“The police officers came to his assistance and managed to prevent the men from fleeing with the money box. The suspects opened fire on the police officers and injured a 25-year-old Constable as well as the security guard as they fled empty handed,” he said. 

Cop, security guard in ‘critical condition’  

Naiker said that the officer and the security guard who were injured are in a “critical condition”. Both were shot in the abdomen. 

“Both the police officer and security guard were transported to a local hospital where they remain in a critical condition. Detectives from the Hawks are investigating the cash-in-transit robbery and a manhunt is underway to trace the perpetrators,” he said. 

KZN Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, applauded the police officers for their swift response, and offered his prayers and thoughts to the injured officer and security guard. 

“We are saddened to hear that a police officer and security guard were injured in this skirmish with the robbers and we wish them a speedy recovery. We will do everything that is within our control to bring the perpetrators to book,” said Mkhwanazi. | Supra Mahumapelo's ANC membership temporarily suspended, pending outcome of disciplinary process

April 21st 2021 at 12:28
The ANC's interim provincial committee (IPC) in the North West has temporarily suspended Supra Mahumapelo's membership, pending the outcome of the party's disciplinary proceedings.

Watch: Cape Town City catch Kaizer Chiefs napping

April 21st 2021 at 12:21

Cape Town City took a lead into half time of their clash with Kaizer Chiefs thanks to Tashreeq Morris who finished a lightning quick move in the 22nd minute.

Kaizer Chiefs defender Reeve Frosler was guilty of surrendering possession meakly with a long but aimless ball upfield.

Cape Town City showed far greater impetus in the passage of play that followed on immediately afterwards.

Credit must go to City fullback Terrence Mashego who made the interception and also went on the run down the wing that led to him finding Morris in the box with a teasing ball. Thabo Nodada unleashed Mashego with a neat one-two play while Morris did well to get enough on the ball to send it shooting past Itumeleng Khune in Kaizer Chiefs goal. 

Morris made amends for a dreadful miss moment before when he had blazed the ball over the bar when free in an advanced position.

Watch: Morris punishes Kaizer Chiefs

Cape Town City go ahead

Tashreeq Morris finds the back of the net to find the lead against Kaizer Chiefs.

Stream live: #DStvPrem | #Babizebonke

— SuperSport 🏆 (@SuperSportTV) April 21, 2021

Kaizer Chiefs were kept in the contest by Khune who made a sharp save close to the half hour mark to deny Fagrie Lakay.

Chiefs threatened to level matters in the closing stages of the half but couldn’t find a way past Peter Leeuwenburgh. Leeuwenburgh had to be alert to tip Siyabonga Ngezana’s shot over the City goal and keep his team ahead.

After the break Cape Town Cit were once again sharper and Surprise Ralani doubled their advantage in the 52nd minute of the match.

Team news

Kaizer Chiefs coach Gavin Hunt named an unchanged starting from their 1-1 draw with Baroka FC late last week. Cape Town City meanwhile recalled Mpho Makola to the midfield.

Kaizer Chiefs vs Cape Town City line-ups

Chiefs: Khune, Frosler, Cardoso, Mathoho, Ngezana, Blom, Ngcobo, Parker, Manyama, Billiat, Nurković

Subs: Bvuma, Mphahlele, Baccus, Katsande, Sasman, Castro, Zulu, Zuma, Mashiane

City: Leeuwenburgh, Mkhize, Mashego, Mobara, Fielies, Mokeke, Lakay, Nodada, Morris, Makola, Ralani.

Subs: Anderson, Ngoma, Ajagun, Cupido, Potouridis, Mdantsane, Shonga, Martin.

SOCCER QUIZ | Answer these 5 easy questions and win R1 000!

24 hours in pictures, 21 April 2021

April 21st 2021 at 12:20

News in Pictures | Employee 'stabbed ANC MPL Mapiti Matsena 11 times in revenge attack'

April 21st 2021 at 12:19
Monoko Francis Thoka, 30, appeared in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty to murdering Mapiti Matsena.

WATCH: Skeem Saam latest episode, E208 S9 – Wednesday 21 April 2021

April 21st 2021 at 12:15

On tonight’s episode:

Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA

Mr Kgomo leaves Kwaito drowning in troubling thoughts when he reveals something about Charity. Tbose and Mapitsi hope to break the lobola tradition but the elders are not having it. Mfundo refuses to apologise about comments he made regarding someone’s lack of talent.

Watch: Latest Skeem Saam Episode 208 S9

The latest episode will appear here when it becomes available.

If you missed some episodes find more Skeem Saam Episodes to watch here.

Next on Skeem Saam

Kwaito humbly requests Lizzy’s advice regarding a sensitive matter but she is short with him. Meikie learns of Mapitsi’s frequent hangout spot in Joburg and flies off the rails. Charity drops a bomb on Manaka via text and he goes berserk.

Read all about what’s happening in Skeem Saam in April over here.

About Skeem Saam

The story follows the lives of the residents of Turfloop who face daily trials and tribulations as they climb the ladder to success. 

The show first aired in October 2011. It has gone on to become one of South Africa’s most beloved dramas. By thrusting teens into adult scenarios, it’s become a hit with TV viewers of all generations. It’s ‘coming of age’ premise continues to set it apart from rival soapies, too.

When and where to watch Skeem Saam

It airs on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 18:30, DSTV Channel 191. If you’re unable to catch the latest episode when it airs, we’ll be publishing full episodes shared on SABC’s YouTube channel. Stick with us, and you’ll never miss a show again.

Meet the cast

  • Patrick Seleka Jr as Katlego “Kat” Pietersen
  • Cornet Mamabolo as Thabo “Tbose” Maputla
  • Clement Maosa as Zamokuhle “Kwaito” Seakamela
  • Harriet Manamela as Meikie Maputla
  • Dieketseng Mnisi as Ntombi “MaNtuli” Seakamela
  • Africa Tsoai as John Maputla
  • Eric Macheru as Leeto Maputla
  • Lydia Mokgokoloshi as Koko Mantsha
  • Elizabeth Serunye as Principal Thobakgale
  • Arthur Molepo as Captain Malebana
  • Amanda Manku as Elizabeth Thobakgale
  • Lesego Marakalla as Rachel Kunutu
  • Mogau Motlhatswi as Mapitsi Magongwa
  • Shoki Sebotsane as Celia Kunutu
  • Amanda du-Pont as Nompumelelo Mthiyane
  • Cedric Fourie as Lehasa Maphosa
  • Makgofe Moagi as Charity Ramabu
  • Buhle Maseko as Nimrod “Nimza” Kunutu
  • Masilo Magoro as Charles Kunutu
  • Mlungisi Mathe as Emkay Biyela
  • Clevy Sekgala as Dennis Letsaolo
  • Bongani Madondo as Sfiso Ntuli
  • Anton Dekker as Kobus Grobbler
  • Keamogetswe Leburu as Bontle
  • Joyce Ledwaba as Joyce Maputla
  • Lerato Marabe as Pretty Seakamela
  • Putla Sehlapelo as Alfred Magongwa
  • Sebasa Mogale as Dr. Hlongwane
  • Liza Van Deventer as Candice
  • Lebogang Elephant as Mr Kgomo
  • Macks Papo as Marothi Maphuthuma
  • Nokuzola Mlengana as Sis’ Ouma
  • Thabo Mkhabela as Leshole Mabitsela
  • Thabang Lefoa as Sphola
  • Vusi Leremi as Clement Letsoalo
  • Joseph Tshepo Senatle as Koloi Shivambu
  • Austin Rethabile Mothapo as Noah Matloga
  • Komotso Manyaka as Emma
  • Charles Maja as Big-Boy Mabitsela

Skeem Saam – Updated when available

Six CSA Members’ Council presidents taking responsibility

April 21st 2021 at 12:10


The provincial presidents on the Members Council who are in favour of the proposed changes to the governance of Cricket South Africa seem to be taking responsibility for solving the impasse with the Interim Board and Minister of Sport Nathi Mthethwa as six of the unions have now issued statements supporting a majority independent board and an independent chairperson.

It may still be a case of too little, too late though as Mthethwa mulls what action to take under Section 13 (5) of the Sports Act against CSA for missing their deadline to approve a new constitution ahead of an AGM.

ALSO READ: Mthethwa rejects MC’s extension request, CSA face suspension

On Wednesday, the Northerns and Mpumalanga cricket unions issued statements supporting the stance of Central Gauteng, North-West, Easterns and Free State that there should be a majority independent board and independent chairperson.

The two Highveld unions also called for all stakeholders to take part in a national indaba, steered by an independent mediator, to resolve the impasse as quickly as possible.

But in his letter to the Members Council on Tuesday night telling them he would be taking action against them according to the provisions of the Sports Act, Mthethwa said “your proposal to convene a multi-party stakeholder conference to deal with a matter that you have been seized with for a number of months, does not make sense to me.”

Because Mthethwa has the authority to no longer recognise CSA, it would mean South Africa could go back to the days of isolation and not have an official national team.

As the sports minister told a radio station on Tuesday night, if things continue the way they are, the world will have to be told there is no cricket in South Africa.

‘DA officials at war with each other,’ says qualifications whistleblower

April 21st 2021 at 12:10


Good Party secretary-general Brett Herron has told The Citizen that Democratic Alliance (DA) members are at war with each other, and they are going as far as leaking each other’s dirt to the public domain.

Herron raised the alarm about the qualifications of DA chief whip Natasha Mazzone, Western Cape MEC for human settlements Tertius Simmers, and Saldanha Bay mayor Marius Koen at the weekend.

This is after the DA suspended transport MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela following his admission that he did not complete a Bcom degree, as stated on his CV.

Herron has since been accused by DA leader John Steenhuisen of a “smear campaign”.

However, Herron says he has always “refrained from sharing unverified allegations that factional members of the DA  have shared with him about each other”.

“I am being flooded with unverified allegations by some DA members against their very own.”

He said the Good Party would continue commenting on matters that have been raised in the public space, relating to the ethics and integrity of those who hold prominent office in government or in Parliament.

ALSO READ: DA’s Mazzone slams claim she lied about her qualifications

He has since questioned the DA’s motives after the party reportedly said it would be asking the University of Hull about Koen’s qualifications.

The DA has since stood by Mazzone, and said that she has, for many years, publicly stated that she never finished her law degree and that she has never claimed to be an attorney or advocate.

Herron said the allegations of Mazzone qualification misrepresentation are as serious as the ones that have ensnared Madikizela.

“While Madikizela has been placed on suspension, and publicly acknowledged his fraud, Mazzone has responded by attempting to attack my character for raising the matter on the day her father died. Instead of Ms Mazzone simply clarifying the issue, questions about whether she has overstated her qualifications persist,” said Herron. | Plans to have Lindani Myeni's remains repatriated are 'gaining momentum'

April 21st 2021 at 12:09
The KZN government is working with the family of the late Lindani Myeni to repatriate his remains to South Africa. Miyeni was gunned down by police in Honolulu a week ago.

Government’s powerships deal under fire in parliament

April 21st 2021 at 12:00
Officials from the department of mineral resources & energy appeared before a parliamentary portfolio committee on Tuesday to brief it on the Karpowership contract to supply power from vessels to South Africa. to anchor sprawling new Cape Town development

April 21st 2021 at 11:55
Amazon's plan to take up almost half of the space at River Club raises questions about whether it will launch its online retail business locally to take on the Takealot.

Supra Mahumapelo suspended from ANC – What we know

April 21st 2021 at 11:47

The former chairperson of the interim provincial committee (IPC) of the African National Congress (ANC), Supra Mahumapelo, was suspended “with immediate effect” on 19 April.

ANC suspends Supra Mahumapelo

Membership temporarily suspended

As reported by Eyewitness News, the IPC issued a letter on Wednesday to inform Mahumapelo of an upcoming disciplinary process. The suspension will be determined by the outcome of the hearing.

However, IPC Coordinator, Hlomane Chauke explains that “Supra is one of those that we have temporarily suspended his membership due to ill-discipline”. Chauke adds:

“We have referred the matter to the disciplinary committee. So we don’t want to comment further; the fact is that he is charged and therefore the DC will then deal with that matter.”

Disciplinary proceedings

Mahumapelo is accused of misconduct after he encouraged a member affected by the step-aside resolution not to step aside. Furthermore, he also ran parallel campaign events for by-elections.

Moreover, Chauke concluded by saying they suspended Mahumapelo’s membership; it is not “an issue about him, he is just an ordinary member and deployee of the ANC”.

The letter, dated 19 April, sets out three instances of misconduct, which forms the basis for the committee’s disciplinary proceedings. The first incident took place on 22 March 2021.

Mahumapelo addressed a gathering and advised JB Marks Local Municipality Mayor, Kgotso Khumalo not to resign. This after the IPC had requested Khumalo to resign amid fraud and corruption charges.

Furthermore, Mahumapelo was offered an opportunity to respond to the content of the letter, but “failed to respond to the accusation with the prescribed letter.

Mahumapelo’s misconduct charges

Thus, Mahumapelo will face misconduct charges pertaining to acting in breach of the ANC membership oath. He also brought the party into disrepute and behaved “in a manner which provokes or is likely to provoke division”.

Moreover, Mahumapelo undermined “the respect for, or impeding, the functioning of a structure or committee of the ANC”.

As reported by SABC News, the committee “will also be writing to the ANC Secretary-General, Ace Magashule, to regulate Mahumapelo’s participation in the National Assembly”.

“Unlimited Talk” cannot have limits on calls – ARB

April 21st 2021 at 11:47
The Advertising Regulatory Board said offering “unlimited talk” and then imposing limitations on such a product is misleading.

7de Laan: what is happening Wednesday, 21 April 2021 – E387 S21

April 21st 2021 at 11:45

If you are keen on keeping up with all the fever-pitch drama at Hillside, you have come to the right place. A warning though – there are 7de Laan spoilers ahead.


Prove your knowledge of the popular SABC2 soapie by answering five multiple-choice questions in The South African’s soapie quiz and stand a chance to win R1 000 in cash!

Enter here.

On tonight’s episode:

Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA

Nozi is placed in an uncomfortable position at work. Beleef is a buzz as filming gets underway.

Watch: Latest 7de Laan episode 387

The latest episode will appear here after once it becomes available.

If you missed other episodes, find more 7de Laan Episodes to watch here. All caught up and want to know what is coming next during April? Take a look at the soapie teasers right here.

Next on 7de Laan

Alexa fully supports Fikani’s decision. What plan does Vanessa have up her sleeve?

Catch the latest episode every weekday at 18:00 on SABC 2 – or check for the episodes after they have aired.


7de Laan is a South African Afrikaans soap opera created by Danie Odendaal and produced by Danie Odendaal Productions. The series focuses on the lives of residents staying in and around the community of 7de Laan (7th Avenue), in the suburb of Hillside. The programme’s dialogue is primarily in Afrikaans and is subtitled in English with some English and Zulu dialogue in between. The street and shopfronts which are featured on the opening visuals, are that of Seventh Street in MelvilleJohannesburg.

See the main cast here:

The main cast includes the following characters (and the actors who play them):

  • Aggie Ngwenya-Meintjies (Mimi Mahlasela)
  • Alexa Welman (Carina Nel)
  • Bonita Meintjies (Hildegardt Whites)
  • Connie van der Lecq (Quinne Brown Huffman)
  • DeWet Basson/Ben Cronjé (Dirk Stoltz)
  • Esti Fouche (Reandi Grey)
  • Fikani Chauke (Nicholas Nkuna)
  • Ivy Peterson (Nazli George)
  • Justin Booysen (Dann-Jacques Mouton)
  • Lesedi Moloi (KB Motsilanyane)
  • Mariaan Welman (Deirdre Wolhuter)
  • Marko Greyling (Francois Lensley)
  • Marvin Peterson (Duncan Johnson)
  • Nikki Basson (Danielle Retief)
  • Rickus Kingsley (Welman) (André Lötter)
  • Shawn Basson (Deànré Reiners)
  • Vince Meintjies (Jacques Blignaut)

7de Laan – Updated when available

New Pick n Pay CEO to target online sales growth

April 21st 2021 at 11:45
Pieter Boone plans to accelerate his predecessor’s eight-year turnaround of the South African grocer by boosting online sales and focusing on stores that cater for lower-to-middle income consumers.

OPINIONISTA: We need a global Covid New Deal to ensure vaccine equity for all

April 21st 2021 at 11:44
In the face of the most severe health and economic crisis of our generation, we need to find a way forward on vaccine equity, a Covid package or New Deal. Vaccine nationalism, the race to purchase vaccines by those who can afford them and vaccine hoarding are not a solution to the global supply constraint. They are pernicious examples of beggar-thy-neighbour policies.

Super League dead as Italian and Spanish clubs follow English exodus

April 21st 2021 at 11:43

The two Milan giants and Atletico Madrid followed all six English Premier League clubs in pulling out of the European Super League on Wednesday, dealing a fatal blow to the project.

The withdrawals by Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham came just 48 hours after the league’s unveiling late on Sunday following a furious response from fans and officials.

Super League passes away peacefully in our sleep

The three Italian clubs involved — Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan — admitted defeat and La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid also pulled out.

“From the Atletico squad we want to communicate our satisfaction over the final decision to withdraw the commitment to the Super League project taken by our club,” said Atletico captain Koke in a statement on behalf of the squad.

Real Madrid and Barcelona — the last of the initial group of 12 clubs to sign up — have yet to make any comment on their future plans but the project in its current form is dead in the water.

“It’s best not to say much now, no one knows what will happen,” said Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman. “There were teams that were in; now they say they don’t want to be in. What I want most is the best for this club.”

AC Milan were one the main drivers behind the plans, having missed out on the riches of the Champions League for the past seven seasons.

The seven-time European champions said change was necessary due to the changing football landscape but admitted they “must be sensitive to the voice of those who love this wonderful sport”.

Italian champions Juventus said they remained “convinced of the soundness of the project’s sport, commercial and legal premises” but accepted it could not go ahead in its original form.

Cash injection

The Super League promised guaranteed entry for its founding clubs and billions of dollars in payments. 

Many of the clubs have huge debts and wage bills, and suffered a sharp drop in revenues during the coronavirus pandemic.

But the project was vehemently opposed across the football spectrum, from fans to players, coaches, politicians and UEFA and FIFA, the European and world football bodies.

The clubs were threatened with a ban from domestic and European football, while their players could even have been barred from representing their countries.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin struck a conciliatory tone on Wednesday, saying he wanted to “rebuild the unity” of European football, and described the English clubs as “back in the fold”.

“I said yesterday that it is admirable to admit a mistake and these clubs made a big mistake,” Ceferin said in a statement.

“The important thing now is that we move on, rebuild the unity that the game enjoyed before this and move forward together.”

Shares in Juventus plunged by more than 13 percent on Wednesday following a slump in the value of Manchester United stocks on Tuesday.

In response to the English pull-outs, the Super League had said it was looking for ways to “reshape”, insisting the “status quo of European football needs to change”.

“We shall reconsider the most appropriate steps to reshape the project,” its statement said.

Liverpool owner John W Henry apologised for his part in the planned Super League after club captain Jordan Henderson said the players did not want it to happen.

“It goes without saying but should be said, the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans,” the American said in a video posted on the club’s media channels.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the English pull-outs, telling parliament: “The announcement was the right result for football fans, for clubs and for communities across the country.”

Reigning European champions Bayern Munich and French giants Paris Saint-Germain had both come out strongly opposed to the breakaway league, dealing it a heavy blow.

Adding to the drama on Tuesday, Manchester United announced that executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward would step down from his role at the end of 2021.

Several players at the English clubs had voiced opposition to the Super League, and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola commented: “It’s not a sport when success is already guaranteed.”

© Agence France-Presse

UCT students lose belongings amidst frantic Cape Town fire evacuation

April 21st 2021 at 11:28

Article originally by GroundUp/Liezl Human and Marecia Damons

Second-year student Elizabeth Pretorius was busy preparing for a Sociology tutorial on Sunday morning at her student residence, Graça Machel Hall, when the fire broke out which was to tear through the University of Cape Town campus and spread across the mountain.

“It was a normal Sunday morning. I made plans to go out for ice cream with one of my cousins later that day.”

“I just heard helicopters outside, but I thought nothing of it. Around 9am I started smelling the smoke from my room, but I didn’t think it would spread to campus and come this far. So I closed my window, because the smell of the smoke became overwhelming, and I continued working.”

UCT students recount distressing evacuation

Pretorius said they were alerted on WhatsApp group chats that the residences on the upper campus were evacuating and that they would be notified if they also needed to leave. Then they received an email from UCT explaining that they had 15 to 20 minutes to vacate the premises.

“The fire alarms went off and an announcement was made over the intercom that there was a fire on campus.”

“I grabbed a bag and packed in my laptop because I was thinking of all the assignments I still had to do. I grabbed my student card, matric certificate, study notes, a file with all my personal information, a bottle of water, pain medication, my phone and charger.”

“I only took those, because I thought we’d be back in three to five hours at most.”

Pretorius is a fire marshall at her residence. Before she could leave, she first had to inspect the other rooms to see if everyone had left.

“We’ve done several fire drills at res, so most of us knew where the emergency exits were. Getting out of the residence went quite smoothly, but the moment we got outside everyone started running in panic. People outside were crying. Some people didn’t have shoes on, others ran out in pyjamas, some were half-dressed.”

“When I saw people running with suitcases, I got stressed, because I’d only left with the clothes on my back: a spaghetti top, jeans and sandals. The smoke was overwhelming, and our eyes were tearing up from it. I had difficulty breathing because I was wearing my mask and also inhaling smoke.”

“Some people lost their phones on the staircases while they were running, but there wasn’t time to go back and fetch them. Most people I saw ran out with textbooks. My mom called and then my dad, because they saw the reports that the fire was getting out of hand. I didn’t fully process what was happening, I was just focussing on getting out of there.”

University working to return students to residences

UCT is now planning the return of the 4 000 students who were evacuated from residences during the fire.

In a statement on 21 April, UCT said that the process of assessing the health and safety of students returning to campus is underway. Vice-Chancellor Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng said that UCT would “make alternative arrangements for those residences deemed unsafe due to fire damage”.

“Our priority is the safety and health of every student, and to create the conditions necessary for a full return to the university’s academic programme as soon as possible,” said Phakeng.

UCT SRC member Gisella Shaer said some of the students would move back into residences on Thursday. “But also it all depends on fire marshals… and that it is safe for students to return,” said Shaer.

Smuts Hall and Fuller Hall on the upper campus were damaged in the fire.

A student from Smuts Hall, who didn’t want to be named, told GroundUp he did not get a chance to grab anything during the evacuation. He said everything happened very fast. He was sleeping when the evacuation started and was shocked when he walked outside and saw the fire.

“We were quick; we had to grab whatever we could. But I didn’t get a chance to,” he said.

Tshiamo Modise who was living at Tugwell Hall, said she was able to pack most of the stuff she needed, but not everyone in her residence got the chance to do so. She said the evacuation went smoothly but she was worried about a test later this week.

“I am stressed about what is going to happen for the next few days,” said Modise. “They’re telling us not to stress.”

Primary school teacher guilty of assaulting pupil over bottle of water

Annelise Boot, 54, from Springvale Primary School appeared in the Pretoria magistrate’s court in connection with the incident.

Cricket SA formally part ways with COO Appiah and CFO Nkuta 'on amicable terms'

Former Cricket South Africa (CSA) chief operating officer Naasei Appiah and chief financial officer Ziyanda Nkuta’s drawn out legal battle has concluded after a settlement agreement was reached with the pair.

Former CSA Chief Operating Officer, Naasei Appiah a during the CSA media briefing at CSA Head Office on April 12, 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

COVID-19 SRD beneficiaries to march on Parliament demanding extension

April 21st 2021 at 11:18

Article originally by GroundUp/Masego Mafata.

Activists with the #PayTheGrants campaign will head to Parliament and the Union Buildings on Thursday to demand that the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant be increased and extended.

During his State of the Nation Address In February, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the three-month extension of the grant which was due to end on 31 January. Now with the deadline looming once again, civil society groups want to ensure that the grant is extended again.

List of demands relating to SRD grants to be handed over

On Tuesday, members of the C19 People’s Coalition (C19) met to discuss the open letter they intend to hand over to the Department of Social Development, National Treasury and the office of the Presidency on Thursday.

Shaeera Kalla, a member of the Coalition’s Cash Transfers Working Group, said that their letter makes four main demands:

  1. Increase and extend the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant.
  2. Include caregivers, most of whom are women.
  3. Reassess the “unduly harsh and narrow criteria” for accessing the grant.
  4. Make urgent progress towards a universal basic income grant

The Black Sash has organised transport for representatives to go to the Union Buildings in Pretoria and to Parliament in Cape Town for the handover, said Kalla.

“We are at a point where we need to build broader support and put pressure on the government. We have requested an urgent meeting to discuss the imminent termination of the Covid-19 grant since January but have received no response,” Kalla said.

Group to mobilise faith-based organisations

Nathan Taylor, a member of C19, said the group’s plans for this week include mobilising churches and other faith-based organisations to support the campaign.

“We have to shake SACC [South African Council of Churches] out of their slumber,” said Daddy Mabe from the Assembly of the Unemployed. He said the support of leaders from faith-based organisations will assist the campaign form “a coordinated voice”.

While the final programme is yet to be made public, demonstrations and other actions discussed will include pickets outside post offices and SASSA offices as well as collaborating with other civil society organisations who support the cause.

GROUNDUP : Occupiers fight eviction from multi-million-rand property in Dunkeld West

April 21st 2021 at 11:17
Court rules earlier eviction from the Johannesburg property was unlawful.

Pirates held by Setif at Orlando, but edge closer to Confed quarters

April 21st 2021 at 11:15
Orlando Pirates seemed wary of taking a the more adventurous approach needed to earn three points against ES Setif at Orlando Stadium on Wednesday, settling for a 0-0 Caf Confederation Cup Group A draw.

Vincent Pule of Orlando Pirates and Nemdil Abdelkrim of ES Setif during the CAF Confederation Cup match between Orlando Pirates and ES Setif at Orlando Stadium on April 21, 2021 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

ANC suspends Supra Mahumapelo's membership

TimesLIVE has seen a letter dated April 19 from interim provincial committee co-ordinator Hlomani Chauke which informs Mahumapelo of the temporary suspension of his party membership.

Supra Mahumapelo's party membership has been temporarily suspended by the North West's interim provincial committee. File photo.

School Nutrition Latest: More than one million school children hungry

April 21st 2021 at 11:14

South Africa’s education departments are allegedly slacking on fulfilling the court-ordered reporting on the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP), while more than a million learners are still not receiving meals

More than 1.5 million learners are allegedly still not being provided with school meals, while some provincial education departments are repeatedly failing to report on whether they are effectively rolling out the NSNP, despite a court order mandating them to do so. 

These were the concerns raised by citizens’ rights advocacy organisations, Equal Education and Section 27, in a joint statement about the school nutrition programme on Wednesday.

“This slacking in the monitoring of whether learners are receiving meals, undermines the intentions of the court order from our 2020 case. The delays and failures to provide reports on the NSNP rollout has limited the ability of Equal Education, Equal Education Law Centre and SECTION27 to monitor the delivery of meals, and ensure that all nine million learners are receiving the food they are entitled to,” the advocacy groups said.

Equal Education and Section 27 said that they had received the last round of monitoring reports from Education Minister Angie Motshekga, Director-General of the Department of Basic Education (DBE) and from the Education MECs of KwaZulu-Natal, North West, Northern Cape and Mpumalanga, after the court deadline of 19 March 2021. The reports from the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng and Limpopo had not been submitted. 

“Even worse is that the DBE and provincial education departments have not submitted the most recent round of monitoring reports, which were due on 14 April 2021, the advocacy groups said. 

“The one report submitted by DBE Director-General Mathamzima Mweli shows that at least 1.5 million learners are still not receiving the meals. This shows that the NSNP has still not reached 100% of all learners that qualify for school meals – even though it’s been over a year since the outbreak of COVID-19 and almost nine months have passed after the court ordered the DBE and provincial education departments to provide school meals regardless of whether learners are in classrooms or at home,” the groups said.

“This is an unbelievable and terrible neglect of responsibility, that allows children to go hungry. This is an ongoing violation of children’s rights, and barriers to learners’ getting the school meals they are entitled to must be fixed urgently. Many families have lost their income and slipped further below the food-poverty line.

Equal Education and Section 27 said that they had written to the DBE and provincial education departments, to express that it was “unacceptable and unjustifiable” that NSNP monitoring reports had not been submitted on time. The groups said they had reiterated their call for education officials to:

*Provide scholar transport to all learners so that they can get meals.

*Send a circular to all provinces communicating that learners can get meals from the school they live nearest to.

*Provide food parcels for learners who are not in school every day.

These jobs are in-demand in South Africa – and can pay starters as much as R650,000 a year

April 21st 2021 at 11:05
The Department of Home Affairs recently ended public commentary on the draft national Critical Skills List, which includes several common accountancy roles, notes the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA).

AmaZulu, Sundowns share the points in entertaining goalless draw

The only thing missing at Kings Park were goals. AmaZulu and Mamelodi Sundowns produced an entertaining and often ill-tempered match but had to settle for a goalless draw that saw them maintain their positions at the top of the DStv Premiership.

Thapelo Morena of Mamelodi Sundowns FC during the Cell C Sharks training session at Jonsson Kings Park on April 16, 2021 in Durban, South Africa.

GROUNDUP : Education department’s late release of vital software leaves schools’ admin in chaos

April 21st 2021 at 11:04
Government schools are unable to capture marks or produce reports as a result of the delayed computer patch.

PSL match report | Sundowns keep unbeaten record intact – 21 April

April 21st 2021 at 11:02

Mamelodi Sundowns and AmaZulu played to a 0-0 draw in a league match which was played at the Jonsson Kings Park Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.


The Brazilians went into the encounter in Durban unbeaten from their first 20 league games while Usuthu were undoubtedly one of the in-form teams in the PSL.

Both teams were at each other’s throats from the word go, with AmaZulu showing Sundowns no respect.

However, goalscoring chances were few and far between in the first half, with the only ‘real’ action being Benni McCarthy receiving a yellow card for venting at match officials from the touchline.

The AmaZulu mentor received a yellow card for his behaviour.


Sundowns had a penalty appeal turned down less than 10 minutes before the interval, and that’s all both teams could offer in the first 45 minutes as they went into the dressing rooms locked at 0-0.

It was end-to-end stuff at the start of the second half with both teams taking the game to each other.

AmaZulu came the closest to breaking the deadlock when they hit the upright midway through the second half.


Toward the end of the game, Benni McCarthy nearly got himself into trouble as he shoved Sundowns captain Mosa Lebusa on the touchline, and Steve Komphela had to step in and intervene.

And Benni McCarthy was fortunate NOT to get a red card for a second bookable offence.


In the end, both AmaZulu and Sundowns settled for a share of the spoils and remained where they were on the DStv Premiership log before the match.


AmaZulu XI: AmaZulu XI: Mothwa, Sikhakhane, Gumede, Kewuti, Xoki, Makhaula, Maduna, Sithebe, Mthembu, Mulenga, Qalinge

Subs: Boshoff, Mgwazela, Mlambo, Mzava, Magubane, Memela, Chawapihwa, Ntuli, Majoro

Mamelodi Sundowns XI: Onyango, De Reuck, Lebusa, Coetzee, Lakay, Morena, Mkhulise, Maboe, Sirino, Zwane, Shalulile.

Subs: Goss, Nascimento, B Onyango, Vilakazi, Modiba, Mudau, Kapinga, Motupa, Mvala.

Watch | Taking the p*ss? Goalkeeper sent off for ‘urinating’ behind the net

April 21st 2021 at 10:58

Could this fella not have waited another two minutes? A goalkeeper in the top league of Ecuadorian football has ‘exposed himself’ to controversy this week – after he picked an inopportune moment to relieve himself. The senior professional was caught urinating behind his goal, and he could now face a ban of up to six months.

Ecuador’s ‘number one’?

Joaquin Pucheta was shown a red card in Ecuador’s Serie A for nipping behind his goal and pulling his shorts down. His team Macara were beating last-place Orense 1-0 at the time – a scoreline that would not change despite the chaos on the horizon. According to the online newspaper Primicias, local media reported the following:

“Joaquin Pucheta went behind the advertising boards and urinated while the ball was in the opposition half. At that point, Orense players and management complained to referee Roberto Sanchez, who ended up giving the goalkeeper a straight red card.”

“The goalkeeper was sent off for unsporting behaviour,” El Comercio reported in its online edition. Midfielder Segundo Portocarrero, who had scored his team’s winner, took over in goal for the dying seconds of the match.  Pucheta faces a suspension of three to six months under Ecuadorian league rules.

Television footage captured only the moment of the Argentine’s dismissal in second-half stoppage time. He was seen remonstrating with the referee, before eventually being ushered off the pitch by his teammates. At least he earned himself an early bath, but with these antics, we doubt anyone would want to be the next one in after Pucheta…

Watch: Goalkeeper sent off for urinating during a game

#DeportesNT l Arquero del @Macara_Oficial, Joaquín Pucheta es expulsado del partido por orinar detrás de su arco en pleno cotejo.

Los celestes vencieron 1-0 al @Orense_SC

Toma recogida de la señal de #GolTV.

— El Nuevo Tiempo Cuenca (@NuevoTiempoCue) April 17, 2021

US launches probe of Minneapolis police after Chauvin conviction

April 21st 2021 at 10:49
US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday launched a sweeping investigation into policing practices in Minneapolis following a jury's verdict that former city police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd.

Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks about a jury's verdict in the case against former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, at the Department of Justice, in Washington, DC US on April 21 2021.

ISS TODAY: Benin’s booming illicit fuel trade calls for new responses as violent clashes persist 

April 21st 2021 at 10:48
The illicit fuel trade industry is a major source of jobs, making structural solutions as necessary as law enforcement. | SAFA to announce new Bafana Bafana coach on Saturday

April 21st 2021 at 10:42
The South African Football Association has confirmed to the public that the new Bafana Bafana coach will be announced on Saturday, 24 April.

GROUNDUP Op-Ed: Pausing a vaccine rollout could have huge negative consequences

April 21st 2021 at 10:41
Interrupting a programme early leads to many more infections than one might naively estimate.

World Rugby boss reveals staggering cost of Covid-19: Spoiler alert – It’s a lot!

April 21st 2021 at 10:40

World Rugby chief executive Alan Gilpin said on Wednesday the coronavirus pandemic had cost the sport an estimated £1 billion (R19.85 billion) in lost revenue.


International and professional club rugby union, as well as the amateur game, were all suspended last year due to Covid-19, with reigning world champions South Africa having yet to play a match since beating England in the 2019 World Cup final in Japan. 

“We think from the work we’ve done over the last six to nine months through our member national unions that probably the overall damage is in the region of £1 billion,” Gilpin told a conference call.


“We say that because we’ve worked, obviously, at the elite level of the game to understand the impacts of Covid and huge revenue drop-off have had.

“We don’t know, of course, what the damage really is in the community game, and I don’t think probably anyone does at this stage.

“What we have seen in countries that are starting to open up in the community is that players young and old are flooding back to rugby clubs in almost record numbers.


“We really need and hope that happens around the world and people get back to the sport quickly, then I think we can all move forward and be successful.

“I don’t think we have got any predictions on how long it will take.”


Gilpin was speaking as World Rugby, the XV-a-side code’s global governing body outlined a four-year strategic plan until 2025 that includes confronting what he said were “the three Cs of Covid, calendar and concussion”.

“The pandemic has forced us to abort community rugby across the globe, it’s led to unprecedented disruption for the elite game and has created huge financial strain on our national member unions, on professional clubs and leagues across the world,” said Gilpin.

“As an organisation, a sport and a family, this plan will guide how we tackle the three Cs of Covid, calendar and concussion, and build the foundations for a safer, stronger and more sustainable game for all.”


Gilpin said World Rugby would hold talks with player groups such as Progressive Rugby, who are calling for reform of the sport.

Concussion remains a major concern for the game, with 2003 England World Cup-winner Steve Thompson among a group of former players suffering early-onset dementia symptoms who are taking legal action against rugby governing bodies.

“Over the last year, we have heard the brave stories and testimonies of former players who have come forward and talked about their struggles with dementia,” said Gilpin.

“We are very proud of those players who have shared those experiences. They are part of the rugby family, and we will always stand with them.

“We will speak to the groups like Progressive Rugby. We have already spoken with several of their members, and we will continue to have an ongoing dialogue with them.

“We all share that same vision to create a safer, more sustainable game which future generations can enjoy,” added Gilpin as he highlighted World Rugby programmes into concussion research, injury prevention and player well-being.

US FDA finds peeling paint, debris at US plant making J&J's Covid-19 vaccine

April 21st 2021 at 10:38
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it had completed its inspection of a US plant that makes Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine and asked for remediation of issues including peeling paint and loose debris at the site.

The FDA also said on Wednesday the building used for manufacturing the components of the two vaccines was not of suitable size and design to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. | Group of people claiming to be MK veterans block Durban's busy N3 highway

April 21st 2021 at 10:33
Durban's N3 to Pietermaritzburg blocked by group claiming to be uMkhonto we Sizwe (Military Veterans' Association) members.

Eva Mendes sparks parenting debate over quote on spanking

April 21st 2021 at 10:33

Eva Mendes has compared spanking children to domestic abuse. The 47-year-old actress – who has daughters Esmeralda, six, and Amada, four, with partner Ryan Gosling – sparked a parenting debate on Instagram when she shared one of her favourite quotes.

She wrote on Instagram: I’m often asked what my favourite red carpet dress is. This @versace is definitely up there. Im not often asked what my favourite parenting quote is, but I’ll post it anyway.(sic)”

On a second slide, she shared: “Spanking does for a child’s development what hitting a spouse does for a marriage.”

One fan quickly disagreed and insisted they “deserved whoopings” as a child because they were a “brat”.

They wrote: “I don’t know. I was spanked and now I’m a respectful adult. And believe me, I deserved those whoopings. I was a brat.”


The ‘Hitch’ star thanked the poster for responding and acknowledged that everyone parents differently, before candidly admitting she has “no idea what [she’s] doing” when it comes to raising her own children.

She replied: “Thank you for your comment. So happy to agree to disagree. Want this page to offer that in a loving way. We all parent our own way and I have no idea what I’m doing most the time.

“This didn’t come with a manual so when there’s something that resonates with me, I pass it on. Lotsa love.(sic)”

When another commenter said they “completely disagree” because their “goal in raising kids is not to have to spank, but it’s correcting before they can reason behaviour out with you”, Eva explained she had shared the quote because she found it “powerful”.

She replied: “I totally respect you. Thank you for a respectful comment. So nice to disagree with respect. I found the quote powerful and wanted to pass it on. Lotsa love to and yours.”

Pick n Pay eyes lower to mid-income communities with new stores

April 21st 2021 at 10:31
Pick n Pay plans to invest a further R2.5 billion in new stores in lower to middle-income communities as it looks to get a bigger piece of the R595 billion food and grocery retail market.

Pick n Pay has unveiled plans to invest billion of rands to create more stores.

In conversation with DFA chief of strategy – Vino Govender

April 21st 2021 at 10:24
Vino Govender addresses the value of driving connectivity service supply and demand and how increased demand for these services benefit South Africa's economy.

Kaizer Chiefs vs Cape Town City: LIVE updates and streaming

April 21st 2021 at 10:24

Kaizer Chiefs welcome Cape Town City to the FNB Stadium in a DStv Premiership clash this afternoon and you can follow all of the live action below.

Kaizer Chiefs head into today’s clash having drawn their previous three matches however Gavin Hunt’s side are unbeaten in eight matches in all competitions.

Cape Town City, much similar to Kaizer Chiefs, have also been blowing hot and cold this season. The Citizens ended an eight game winless run with a superb 3-0 victory over SuperSport United in their previous match.

Follow all of the live action from the FNB Stadium in today’s crunch DStv Premiership clash below

Kaizer Chiefs vs Cape Town City: LIVE UPDATES

Starting lineups

Kaizer Chiefs XI: Khune, Frosler, Cardoso, Mathoho, Ngezana, Blom, Ngcobo, Parker, Manyama, Billiat, Nurkovic.

Subs: Bvuma, Mphahlele, Katsande, Baccus, Castro, Sasman, Zulu, Zuma, Mashiane.

Cape Town City XI: Leeuwenburgh, Mkhize, Fielies, Mobara, Mashego, Mokeke, Nodada, Makola, Lakay, Morris, Ralani.

Subs: Anderson, Cupido, Martin, Patouridis, Shonga, Mdantsane, Ngoma, Ajagun.

We need results – Gavin Hunt

“We’ve got nine games left. We need to get ourselves up there into the top five. I believe we can, there’s no doubt about it. We need to start this Wednesday against Cape Town City. They are one of the best teams in the league, but we have to do the job.” Kaizer Chiefs head coach Gavin Hunt said.

“When we played them in Cape Town in January, we got two goals up early and then we started to give the ball away. Those critical phases require concentration or else they’ll punish you.

“A bit of slackness and nerves set in. We won, but it was not pretty at the end. We need to keep trying to build on the momentum. I think from where we were, Kaizer Chiefs have come around a little bit. We can talk all day, but results are the bottom line.”

SOCCER QUIZ | Answer these easy questions & win R1 000 in cash!

Kaizer Chiefs vs Cape Town City: Kick-off time and streaming info

Action at the FNB Stadium in today’s mouthwatering DStv Premiership clash gets underway at 17:00. The match will be televised live on SuperSport PSL while this website will be providing you with live updates under our ‘LIVE UPDATES’ heading above.

You can also live-stream today’s encounter between Kaizer Chiefs and Cape Town City on Multichoice’s streaming platform DStv Now (Subscription required). | Walter Sisulu University obtains interdict to block violent student protests

April 21st 2021 at 10:23
Walter Sisulu University has obtained an urgent court interdict to prevent its students from conducting further violent protests.

Diko to challenge step-aside ruling

April 21st 2021 at 10:17

Khusela Diko’s lawyers say she has appealed an instruction to step down from her position on the ANC provincial executive committee after a finding that she brought the party into disrepute

The post Diko to challenge step-aside ruling appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.

Efforts to repatriate Lindani Myeni's remains 'gaining momentum'

The KwaZulu-Natal government announced on Wednesday it was working with the family of Lindani Myeni — the former rugby player shot dead by police in Hawaii last week — to repatriate his remains.

GROUNDUP : UCT fire: students tell how they grabbed textbooks and laptops and fled

April 21st 2021 at 10:16
Student provides first-hand account of panic and confusion as Cape Town fire forced campus evacuation.

Negligence lies at the heart of traumatic state of hospitals, says Vavi

The SA Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) has condemned the rise in the number of hospital horrors emanating from medical negligence in the country.

An infant's arm had to be amputated after alleged negligence by staff at Bernice Samuel Hospital, Delmas.

Queen Elizabeth bigger than Beyonce and Oprah, research finds

April 21st 2021 at 10:15

Great news for Queen Elizabeth II on her 95th birthday – the UK monarch’s personal brand tops that of media mogul Oprah Winfrey and thee Beyonce.

This is according to Statista, a German research forum, which made the finding specifically for a True Royalty TV documentary about the Queen to mark her 95th birthday on Wednesday, 21 April 2021. All this happens as the Queen comes to terms with the loss of her husband of over 70 years, Prince Phillip.

According to the research, the Queen’s ‘personal brand’ is 16 times bigger than Beyoncé and six times the size of Kim Kardashian and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Her image is also nearly three times the size of that of Oprah Winfrey.

  • beyonce
    Beyonce performs live at Coachella on weekend. Photo: RealTime Images /

Damage control proves rewarding for Queen Elizabeth

The finding might come as a shock for many, particularly given the explosive interview the Queen’s grandson, Prince Harry did with Oprah Winfrey. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle revealed how a member of the Royal Family had asked an inappropriate and potentially racist question about his son, Archie’s skin colour.

Then there was that cringeworthy sit-down the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew, did with the BBC, in which he was grilled about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the New York financier who was accused of running a paedophile ring.

Despite that, research found that Queen Elizabeth managed to grow the firm into the world’s fifth-biggest “corporate” brand ahead of multi-nationals such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Ferrari and Microsoft.

  • Oprah Global Citizen
    US TV personality Oprah Winfrey delivers a speech during an event to mark 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela, at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus, in Johannesburg on November 29, 2018. – Oprah Winfrey will deliver a keynote address during the event. (Photo by GIANLUIGI GUERCIA / AFP)

David Haigh, chief executive of Brand Finance, a brand valuation and strategy consultancy firm was interviewed on the programme and said:

“The Royal Family refers to itself as “The Firm”. So, when we began analysing the financial performance of the monarchy, we took that same phrase and tried to value it as a firm. And we estimate the value of the business at about £70 billion, which is about $100bn…,”

“That puts it as the most valuable UK brand. It’s a more valuable brand than Shell for example or Marks & Spencer and many other UK brands”

As the firm’s top executive for nearly 70 years, the Queen has a likely value herself of around $50 billion — or $10 billion more than Coca-Cola.

Beyonce performs live at Coachella on weekend 2, 21 April 2018.

Beyonce performs live at Coachella on weekend. Photo: RealTime Images /


US TV personality Oprah Winfrey delivers a speech during an event to mark 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela, at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus, in Johannesburg on November 29, 2018. - Oprah Winfrey will deliver a keynote address during the event. (Photo by GIANLUIGI GUERCIA / AFP)

Cricket South Africa put three labour disputes behind them

April 21st 2021 at 10:13

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has announced the conclusion of several legal matters with certain former staff members and service providers.  

The employment disputes involving Naasei Appiah, CSA’s former Chief Operating Officer, and Ziyanda Nkuta, CSA’s former Finance Manager, have been settled on the basis that the parties agreed that it was in the mutual interest of the parties to separate and move on. These two matters arose during the latter half of 2019.  

Appiah vs Cricket South Africa brought to a close

Appiah had been dismissed from his post as COO in August 2020 and stood accused of “transgressions of a serious nature”.

The Fundudzi summary report which was released following an investigation into the administration of the national cricket federation accused Appiah and former CEO Thabang Moroe of “excessive or irregular expenditure on alcohol” using the company credit card.

Appiah hit out at the report when it was released, while CSA, themselves, admitted that the report and the summary were biased and not legally binding.

“While we are not claiming the report to be inaccurate, it is important to understand that Fundudzi’s forensic analysis is a single-sided report, and not all of the individuals or parties mentioned, have had the opportunity to provide responses to the findings as yet,” a CSA note at the time explained.

Another dispute resolved

The termination of the service agreement between CSA and People Link (Pty) Limited (during or about December 2020), the former human resources service provider for the organization, has also been resolved through mediation.  

“All three matters were settled on amicable terms and the parties have put these matters behind them and will be moving forward to pursue their respective interests.  

“As is usual in disputes of this nature, the terms of the settlement reached between the parties in all three cases are confidential. CSA wishes Mr Appiah, Ms Nkuta and People Link well for their respective futures.”

‘Violent, dangerous, unstable’: US updates travel advice for South Africa

April 21st 2021 at 10:11

The US State Department has updated its travel advice for South Africa this week – slapping a Level 4 ‘do not visit’ warning on our fair country. At first glance, it seems the concerns are mainly motivated by COVID-19 and the 501Y.V2 variant that originated in Mzansi – but several jarring, non-pandemic-related advisories have also been issued.

US travel advice for South Africa – it goes beyond COVID-19

Level 4 is the toughest possible travel warning the United States Government will give out. We’re on the same naughty step as North Korea, Libya, and Afghanistan. However, we’re joined by most of mainland Europe, and a whole host of diplomatically-friendly countries too. About 80% of all countries have been put onto the red list, solely for health reasons.

Indeed, the first paragraph on the State Department’s page for South Africa reads amicably enough…

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for South Africa due to COVID-19 – indicating a very high level of coronavirus in the country. Visit the Embassy’s COVID-19 page for more information on COVID19 in South Africa.” | US State Department

Level 4 travel warning for South Africa due to ‘crime, unrest’

Then things take a different turn. Unlike most other countries busted down to Level 4, the US warns against ‘violent crime, attacks on vehicles, and the threat of high-risk protests’ in its assessment of South Africa.

Aside from health directives, we’ve got advisories for crime and civil unrest. Even a cautious mention of ‘natural disasters’ was published, with US officials still wary of water shortages in certain provinces…

“Violent crime, such as armed robbery, rape, carjacking, mugging, and ‘smash-and-grab’ attacks on vehicles, is common. There is a higher risk of violent crime in the central business districts of major cities after dark. Furthermore, demonstrations, protests, and strikes occur frequently.

“These can develop quickly without prior notification, often interrupting traffic, transportation, and other services; such events have the potential to turn violent. South Africa’s Western, Eastern, and Northern Capes are experiencing a severe drought. Water supplies in some areas may be affected.”

Travel advice from the Biden Administration

Charming; and the review from Team Biden doesn’t stop there either. The White House has shared a list of guidance for travellers to South Africa, telling visitors to ‘avoid informal settlements’ and ‘keep all doors locked’:

  • – “Avoid walking alone, especially after dark.”
  • – “Avoid visiting informal settlement areas unless you are with someone familiar with the area.
  • – “Do not display cash or valuables.
  • – “Drive with doors locked and windows closed.
  • – “Always carry a copy of your passport and visa (if applicable). Keep original documents in a secure location.

Scott Disick ‘bothered’ by Kourtney Kardashian flirting with other guys

April 21st 2021 at 10:01

Scott Disick “doesn’t like” seeing Kourtney Kardashian with other guys. The former couple – who have children Mason, 11, Penelope, eight, and six-year-old Reign together – went their separate ways in 2015 but the 37-year-old star admitted it still “bothers” him when he sees his ex-partner get “flirty” with other men.

In a preview clip from an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the pair are sitting by a pool when Scott says: “I feel like it annoys me when you flirt with this lifeguard.”

Though Kourtney insisted she wasn’t flirting with the lifeguard, Scott admitted it still upset him.

He told her: “Maybe it’s just, in my head, seeing you around any guy bothers me… Maybe it’s just something, I don’t know, I feel like you’re a little flirty.”

He went on to admit that seeing Kourtney with anyone else is his “insecurity”. He added: “I just don’t like seeing you with another guy.

“It hurt me when you were with somebody else,” he says. “And, like, waking up to looking at pictures of you with this guy you were dating. You know, it was just unhealthy. It just made me upset and sad, you know what I mean?”


Though Scott insisted he has “no real problems” now and is more “carefree” than in previous points in his life, he has a “big fear” that their close friendship will change again if they embark on new relationships.

He told her: “The big fear is if you start dating again, then it goes back to that and I have to feel a different way again.

“It’s just hard. It sucks. And I guess now that you’re single and I’m single and you haven’t been with somebody in a bit, either we figure out creating our own lives together or separately.”

And in a confessional, Scott admitted the “limbo state” he and the 42-year-old Poosh founder have found themselves in “isn’t that cool anymore”.

He said: “It’s definitely difficult that Kourtney and I basically spend 90% of our lives together, travel together, do everything together, see each other every day, and, you know, the only difference is, at the end of the night, we kind of part ways and go and sleep in separate houses.

“This whole limbo state isn’t that cool anymore. I surely don’t want us both to wake up and be 50 years old and doing the same thing.”

Since the clip was filmed, Scott is now dating Amelia Hamlin, while Kourtney has found love with Blink-182 rocker Travis Barker.

Kaizer Chiefs vs Cape Town City: Starting lineups revealed!

April 21st 2021 at 09:58

Kaizer Chiefs welcome Cape Town City to the FNB Stadium in a DStv Premiership clash this afternoon and below is how both teams lineup.

Kaizer Chiefs head into today’s clash having drawn their previous three matches however Gavin Hunt’s side are unbeaten in eight matches in all competitions.

Cape Town City, much similar to Kaizer Chiefs, have also been blowing hot and cold this season. The Citizens ended an eight game winless run with a superb 3-0 victory over SuperSport United in their previous match.

Take a look at the playing personnel both Gavin Hunt and Jan Olde Riekerink have opted to field in today’s DStv Premiership clash

Kaizer Chiefs vs Cape Town City: Starting lineups

Kaizer Chiefs XI: Khune, Frosler, Cardoso, Mathoho, Ngezana, Blom, Ngcobo, Parker, Manyama, Billiat, Nurkovic.

Subs: Bvuma, Mphahlele, Katsande, Baccus, Castro, Sasman, Zulu, Zuma, Mashiane.

Cape Town City XI: Leeuwenburgh, Mkhize, Fielies, Mobara, Mashego, Mokeke, Nodada, Makola, Lakay, Morris, Ralani.

Subs: Anderson, Cupido, Martin, Patouridis, Shonga, Mdantsane, Ngoma, Ajagun.

We need results – Gavin Hunt

“We’ve got nine games left. We need to get ourselves up there into the top five. I believe we can, there’s no doubt about it. We need to start this Wednesday against Cape Town City. They are one of the best teams in the league, but we have to do the job.” Kaizer Chiefs head coach Gavin Hunt said.

“When we played them in Cape Town in January, we got two goals up early and then we started to give the ball away. Those critical phases require concentration or else they’ll punish you.

“A bit of slackness and nerves set in. We won, but it was not pretty at the end. We need to keep trying to build on the momentum. I think from where we were, Kaizer Chiefs have come around a little bit. We can talk all day, but results are the bottom line.”

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Kaizer Chiefs vs Cape Town City: Kick-off time and streaming info

Action at the FNB Stadium in today’s mouthwatering DStv Premiership clash gets underway at 17:00. The match will be televised live on SuperSport PSL while this website will be providing you with live updates.

You can also live-stream today’s encounter between Kaizer Chiefs and Cape Town City on Multichoice’s streaming platform DStv Now (Subscription required).

Russia's Putin, with election looming, sets out new social support measures

April 21st 2021 at 09:54
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced new social support measures for families with children on Wednesday and hinted at more tax changes, saying the corporate sector was on course for record profits this year.

In his annual address to both houses of parliament, Putin said he wanted to ensure an increase in real incomes to fight poverty.

Nyakane hoping to use the Rainbow Cup SA as a stepping stone to the British & Irish Lions tour

Bulls and Springbok prop Trevor Nyakane says the newly formed Rainbow Cup SA will help players attain the match practice they desperately need ahead of the long-awaited British & Irish Lions tour in June and July.

Trevor Nyakane of Vodacom Bulls.

SA Post Office signs deal with US online shopping giant to improve deliveries

April 21st 2021 at 09:50
Online shopping retailer Wish has announced a strategic partnership with the South African Post Office to strengthen its logistics capabilities and customer experience for South African consumers.

CAF Confederation Cup match result | Orlando Pirates held to frustrating draw

April 21st 2021 at 09:50

Orlando Pirates’ return to continental action against ES Setif in the CAF Confederation Cup on Wednesday, 21 April ended in a goalless draw.


Josef Zinnbauer’s men were held at the Orlando Stadium by Algerian visitors ES Setif.


The single point Orlando Pirates picked up moved them to nine points in Group A thanks to two wins and three draws.


ES Setif moved up to third place with five points.


The other two teams in the group – Enyimba and Al Ahli Benghazi – will clash on Thursday in their match day 5 tie.

The Buccaneers will conclude their group phase away against Enyimba in Nigeria on Wednesday, 28 April at 23:00 SA time.


Mpontshane, Hlatshwayo, Nyauza, Mako, Ndlovu, Mabaso, Makaringe, Motshwari, Pule, Mabasa, Hotto

Substitutes: Sandilands, Jooste, Sesane, Dlamini, Monare, Mntambo, Mhango

US e-commerce giant signs deal with South African Post Office

April 21st 2021 at 09:47
E-commerce company Wish has announced a partnership with the South African Post Office (SAPO).

Babes and Mampintsha to tie the knot this weekend

April 21st 2021 at 09:17
"They will have a white wedding, but it is not this weekend. It may be in about two or three months from now," Babes' sister told TshisaLIVE.

Babes and Mampintsha will celebrate their traditional wedding this weekend.

Samsung’s new Galaxy A32 LTE and 5G devices make mid-tier smartphones more accessible

April 21st 2021 at 09:09
Samsung's new Galaxy A32 smartphone has introduced an awesome new way to connect – a device set to make people rethink what an affordable device can do. The Galaxy A32 not only makes cutting-edge innovation accessible to more South Africans but also brings 5G-capabilities to the Galaxy A range for the first time.

Samsung Galaxy A32 in Awesome Violet.

Legal team's 11th hour withdrawal 'fortuitous' for Zuma

April 21st 2021 at 09:09
Jacob Zuma's legal team's formal notice of withdrawal of their services in his corruption trial in the Pietermaritzburg high court on Wednesday could be "fortuitous" for the former president.

Former president Jacob Zuma's legal team filed a notice of withdrawal in the Pietermaritzburg high court on Wednesday. File photo.

Shoprite plans to build its own utility-scale wind and solar plants to meet energy needs

April 21st 2021 at 09:07
The Shoprite Group is aiming to have renewable energy to fuel 25% of its operational needs in the next five years.

‘Government is behind us’ – Lindani Myeni’s family

April 21st 2021 at 09:03

The family of Lindani Myeni has lauded the South African government for its support, in the wake of his death.

Myeni, a KwaZulu-Natal-born rugby player was shot dead by police in the United States.

Police in Honolulu, Hawaii, who were responding to a “burglary in progress” on Wednesday, 15 April 2021, claim that the 29-year-old behaved strangely and ended up assaulting and wounding at least three of them. The police said they were forced to resort to lethal force after Myeni grew aggressive.

Friends and family subsequently set up a Go Fund Me account to pay for his repatriation and funeral costs. There were also calls for government to intervene and help foot the bill.

However in a recent interview with SABC, Myeni’s family said they were already in communication with government and had already been offered help in returning home.

“The ambassador from overseas called us and gave their condolences as well as from the President – our President Cyril Ramaphosa. Last night, they spoke with us and they promised that as soon as the body is released from the USA government to their hands, then they will do by all means to bring his body back home. I must say that the government is behind us; we really appreciate their support,”Myeni’s mother Sizani Nhleko said.

Police still probing Lindani Myeni’s death

More than R270 000 had already been raised to assist the family in burying Lindani Myeni, but his uncle Andile Shashu said the money would go towards the investigations into his death.

“The campaign is going to help reach the lawyers and all the investigations since this is not the end and also the campaign we’ve shared in a lot of platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp,” he said.

Video of Myeni’s encounter with police has already been released, however his family still believe Honolulu law enforcement are hiding facts pertaining to his death.

Myeni and his wife had been living together on the island with their two young children. The former rugby player was reportedly scheduled for a green card interview in a matter of weeks.

While an investigation is still underway, there are mounting calls for Honolulu police to be brought to book for Myeni’s death. There are already allegations that Myeni’s race factored into the confrontation and subsequent death, at the hands of pol

Motorists urged to be vigilant as 'spike gangs' target Tshwane roads

April 21st 2021 at 08:54
Criminals are laying spikes on roads in and around Tshwane and robbing motorists when they stop.

Tshwane police have urged motorists to remain vigilant amid an increase in attacks by 'spike gangs'.

Mirror Trading International CEO hit with provisional sequestration order

April 21st 2021 at 08:51
The alleged founder and CEO of Mirror Trading International (MTI), Johann Steynberg, has been provisionally sequestrated in the Polokwane High Court.

Watch: ‘Wild West’ shootout on M1 causes traffic chaos in Johannesburg

April 21st 2021 at 08:48

At least one person has been shot dead following a dramatic exchange of gunfire on the M1 in Johannesburg. A suspected group of cash-in-transit robbers were chased down by police, concluding with a ‘Wild West-style’ shootout. The aftermath, captured on camera by several different motorists, has resulted in severe traffic delays near Woodmead.

Latest Johannesburg traffic updates on Wednesday 21 April – M1 closed, tailbacks caused

The carnage on the roads is best reflected by the gridlock on the M1. One of Johannesburg’s main routes has been completely closed off, with some motorists stuck in the same place for the best part of the last hour. As per the latest traffic update, the stand-off between these criminals and law enforcement officers has brought things to a standstill.

  • – The fatal shooting took place before the Buccleuch Interchange.
  • – Heavy queues heading onto the M1 from Sandton have been logged.
  • – The M1 North at Woodmead HAS BEEN CLOSED from Malboro Drive
  • – Motorists are reporting that traffic it’s taking between 45 – 60 minutes to move ONE KILOMETRE on this road.
  • – Traffic is backed up all the way to Corlette Drive.

Watch: Chaos in Woodmead after cops shoot at robbers

The crime scene on M1 North ahead of Woodmead off ramp. @TrafficSA

— Asanda Magaqa 🇿🇦 (@asandamagaqa) April 21, 2021

#woodmead shooting
M1 shooting today, four arrested 1 died

— Welcome (@Welly09t) April 21, 2021

#woodmead if you heading that way make a U turn.

— Prince Abie Kamanga (@Kayartsprojects) April 21, 2021

Woodmead M1 carnage: What actually went down?

The man who is understood to have died at the scene was one of five suspects apprehended on Wednesday afternoon. Four of his accomplices have been cuffed, and although they pulled off an armed robbery, they couldn’t escape the long reach of the law – and the surviving crooks will now face the full might of South Africa’s judiciary system.

Shooting Incident on the M1 north Woodhead before Buccleuch, 4 Suspects arrested and 1 fatally wounded after committing an armed robbery.
Motorists advised to use alternative routes.#shooting #Woodmead #M1 M1 North Woodmead #DJSBU

— CrimeInSA (@sa_crime) April 21, 2021

Op-Ed: Why is the Judicial Service Commission not suspending John Hlophe?

April 21st 2021 at 08:48
The finding by a Judicial Conduct Tribunal that Judge President John Hlophe is guilty of gross misconduct because he attempted to influence the Constitutional Court to rule in favour of former president Jacob Zuma in a pivotal case, is not likely to lead to a quick resolution of the matter. This sharply raises the issue of his suspension, and why the Judicial Service Commission is wrongly claiming it can only recommend that President Cyril Ramaphosa suspend Hlophe once it has endorsed the tribunal’s report. | Rainbow Cup bombshell has 'no impact' on partnership between SA Rugby and PRO14

April 21st 2021 at 08:43
The relationship between SA Rugby and PRO14 Rugby has been "strengthened" despite the inaugural Rainbow Cup having struggled to get out of first gear.

Nedbank Money app suffers long downtime

April 21st 2021 at 08:40
Nedbank’s primary mobile banking app – Nedbank Money – is currently down in South Africa.

New SAA CEO upbeat about airline’s turnaround strategy

April 21st 2021 at 08:39

With South African Airways (SAA) exiting its lengthy business rescue process, an interim board has been established to take the airline forward and to restore operations for South Africa’s national airline, which has been grounded since March last year.   

In a recent interview with the SABC, SAA’s interim CEO Thomas Kgokolo expressed confidence and determination in getting the national carrier off the ground. Newly appointed Kgokolo, a chartered accountant with a wealth of experience as a non-executive director for various organisations, says the airline has begun discussions to resume operations.

“My role here is to ensure that the energy is back, the momentum is back and to ensure we build a solid team.” Kgokolo told SABC News.


Kgokolo said that the business rescue process had identified key financial and operational challenges for South Africa’s flag carrier. The staff headcount at South African Airways has also been significantly reduced. The business rescue process trimmed the airline’s workforce from approximately 5 000 to 1 000 employees.

“Our view is that we are much smaller than before, so we are going to be spending a lot of time as part of our restart plan looking at operational efficiency from a cost perspective. We will combine those who remained with us and those we get in the market that are capable of taking us forward because we can’t continue the way we did in the past.” Kgokolo told SABC.


The national carrier currently has a fleet consisting of older uneconomical aircraft. All of SAA’s leased aircraft were returned to aircraft lessors last year under the business rescue process. The airline’s fleet of over 49 aircraft has been reduced to just nine older aircraft that were put up for sale but there was no interest from any potential buyers.

To restart scheduled flights SAA must acquire additional aircraft. These aircraft will need to be better suited to the routes the airline intends to operate, as well as, being appropriate for the expected passenger volumes on the airline’s flights.

“We will also be looking at the type of aircraft we use going forward to ensure that they are fuel-efficient,” Kgokolo said.


The corruption and mismanagement at South African Airways’ has tarnished the airline’s image in the eyes of the public. Additionally, the extended absence of the national carrier has enabled other airlines to pick up routes and business once served by South African Airways.

Kgokolo said that SAA would develop an effective marketing strategy to inform loyal customers that it was back in business and to promote the airline’s services to potential passengers.  

“We will also launch a decent marketing campaign to ensure that as we come back online our loyal customers can use us again,” Kgokolo said.


When asked about immediate matters that would require attention, Kgokolo said pressing issues included :

  • Certification and training of pilots who had been out of action for a lengthy period;
  • Obtaining the required compliancy certificates to resume flights;
  • Launching an effective marketing strategy to inform clients that the airline is resuming operations;
  • Addressing issues related to corporate compliance; and
  • Filling key vacancies in the airline – which had been created by employees that left the company during the business rescue process.

New SAA CEO upbeat about airline’s turnaround strategy

The Interim CEO of South African Airways (SAA) is confident that his team can get the beleaguered national carrier back into the air.

Trust and insurance in a digitally transformed world

April 21st 2021 at 08:38
By: Partner
There is a growing fallacy that consumers do not trust insurance companies. Insurance is often perceived as a grudge purchase and insurers have the unenviable task of convincing many people of the value of protecting their future today, by taking out both long- and short-term insurance.

Gang linked to string of violent crimes in Limpopo town nabbed

April 21st 2021 at 08:29
The five were arrested in connection with 10 cases of murder, ATM bombings, safe blasting and business robberies allegedly committed in the area over several months.

Five men linked to a string of serious crimes in Limpopo have been arrested. File photo.

'It's all gone': UCT says flames consumed African treasure trove

April 21st 2021 at 08:26
Everything in the Jagger Reading Room was destroyed by the wildfire that spread to six University of Cape Town buildings on Sunday, UCT confirmed on Wednesday.

The remains of the Jagger Reading Room at the University of Cape Town.

AmaZulu vs Mamelodi Sundowns: LIVE updates and streaming

April 21st 2021 at 08:23

AmaZulu welcome Mamelodi Sundowns to Kings Park stadium in a potential DStv Premiership title decider this afternoon and you can follow all of the live action below.

Both AmaZulu and Mamelodi Sundowns are arguably the form teams in the league and this afternoon’s top of the table clash promises fireworks!

Log leaders Mamelodi Sundowns sit six points ahead of AmaZulu with two games in hand making today’s three points priceless in the title race.

Follow all of the live DStv Premiership action from Kings Park below:

AmaZulu vs Mamelodi Sundowns: LIVE UPDATES

Starting lineups

AmaZulu XI: AmaZulu XI: Mothwa, Sikhakhane, Gumede, Kewuti, Xoki, Makhaula, Maduna, Sithebe, Mthembu, Mulenga, Qalinge

Subs: Boshoff, Mgwazela, Mlambo, Mzava, Magubane, Memela, Chawapihwa, Ntuli, Majoro

Mamelodi Sundowns XI: Onyango, De Reuck, Lebusa, Coetzee, Lakay, Morena, Mkhulise, Maboe, Sirino, Zwane, Shalulile.

Subs: Goss, Nascimento, B Onyango, Vilakazi, Modiba, Mudau, Kapinga, Motupa, Mvala.

It’s a cup final – Mokwena

“It’s a very important game with a profile of utmost importance to us because as we said before, all these games at the moment are cup finals for us and we have to approach it as such,” Mamelodi Sundowns co-coach Rhulani Mokwena said ahead of this afternoon’s clash against AmaZulu.

“It hasn’t been easy to prepare particularly after an unfortunate result against TTM in the Cup. But we have to dust ourselves and show some mental resolve and dig deep and produce a good performance because when two very good teams meet you have no chance if you don’t play very well.

“Mamelodi Sundowns have to play very well and give ourselves a chance to win the match against a very good team with a very good technical staff, well-coached and also with very good players. AmaZulu have very good players and that is why their results have been very good.”

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AmaZulu vs Mamelodi Sundowns: Kick-off time and live stream

Action at the Jonsson Kings Park Stadium gets underway at 15:00. The match will be televised live on SuperSport PSL while this website will also be providing you with live updates under our ‘LIVE UPDATES’ heading above.

The match between AmaZulu and Mamelodi Sundowns can also be live streamed using Multichoice’s streaming platform DStv Now (Subscription required).

JSC will deliberate Hlophe’s fate on June 4

April 21st 2021 at 08:21

The Judicial Service Commission said in a letter to the Cape Bar that the judge president would participate in interviews of aspirant judges in his division

The post JSC will deliberate Hlophe’s fate on June 4 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.

Bafana Bafana latest | SAFA to announce new coach on Saturday!

April 21st 2021 at 08:16

The South African Football Association (SAFA) has confirmed that a new Bafana Bafana coach will be announced on Saturday, 24 April.


SAFA announced the news in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon without going into details.

BREAKING: @SAFA_net will announce new Bafana Bafana head coach on Saturday, 24 April 2021.

More updates will be provided on this page.

— Bafana Bafana (@BafanaBafana) April 21, 2021

Bafana Bafana are without a coach following the sacking of Molefi Ntseki at the end of March 2021.

Ntseki had been in charge of the senior national team since September 2019, and Bafana Bafana’s failure to qualify for the 2022 AFCON finals in Cameroon saw SAFA show him the exit door.


Now, a foreign coach is expected to be announced on Saturday, with three high-profile coaches reported as frontrunners for the Bafana Bafana plumb job.

Carlos Queiroz, Hugo Broos, and Herve Renard are the three coaches believed to have been shortlisted by the SAFA hierarchy with the assistance of the technical committee.

Earlier this month, SAFA confirmed receiving 150 to 200 applications for the Bafana Bafana coaching job.


And while the majority of the country, including the technical committee, had been calling for SAFA to hire a local coach, it appears a foreign coach will be appointed this time around.

Queiroz, a former Bafana Bafana coach, is reported to be the favourite for the job.

The former Manchester United assistant manager coached Bafana Bafana between 2000 and 2002.


And he remains the last coach to help Bafana Bafana qualify for FIFA World Cup finals.

Bafana Bafana get their 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers underway in June, and whoever is appointed to succeed Ntseki, will be expected to qualify for the games in Qatar.

Orlando Pirates starting lineup for ES Setif clash revealed!

April 21st 2021 at 08:14

Orlando Pirates return to continental action this afternoon when they host ES Setif in the CAF Confederation Cup and below is how they lineup.

A victory today will all but secure Josef Zinnbauer’s Orlando Pirates side’s progression into CAF Confederation Cup last eight while ES Setif will be effectively knocked out.

Orlando Pirates overcame their shocking drubbing at the hands of Mamelodi Sundowns with a fighting 2-0 victory over Maritzburg United. Josef Zinnbauer will be hoping for another solid performance this afternoon.

Take a look at the playing personnel Josef Zinnbauer has opted to field for today’s clash against ES Setif at the Orlando stadium

Orlando Pirates XI:

Mpontshane, Hlatshwayo, Nyauza, Mako, Ndlovu, Mabaso, Makaringe, Motshwari, Pule, Mabasa, Hotto.

Subs: Sandilands, Jooste, Sesane, Dlamini, Monare, Mntambo, Mhango.

We must win at home – Zinnbauer

“Setif will come at us with guns blazing as they are bottom and need the win more than us. However, the mood is high in the camp and we want to wrap up qualification at home.” Orlando Pirates head coach Josef Zinnbauer said.

“We have an advantage as we are playing at home and we have to take the game there from the onset. We have to focus on ourselves. We have set ourselves a target of winning all our home matches and this should be enough in terms of qualification.

“Setif is a big team, but we are eyeing the three points. It is important to win the group. Orlando Pirates want a good finish and winning against Setif is not up for question. We have been analysing Setif and we know them well.”

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Orlando Pirates vs ES Setif: Kick-off time and broadcast details

Action at the Orlando stadium between the Buccaneers and ES Setif gets underway at 15:00. The match will be televised live on SABC1 and SABC Sport’s Open View channel.

Leaders need to earn the moral authority to lead

April 21st 2021 at 08:08

Using power and hierarchy creates a culture of fear and discomfort – and no extraordinary customer service has ever been delivered from that type of environment

The post Leaders need to earn the moral authority to lead appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.

6 things that have become more expensive in South Africa over the last year

April 21st 2021 at 07:49
Statistics South Africa has published its Consumer Price Index (CPI) for March 2021, with inflation once again rising back into the South African Reserve Bank’s inflation target range of 3–6%.

The things we lost in the fire

April 21st 2021 at 07:49
By: Eyaaz

The fight for equality is valid but the burning down of our universities is not the revolution or decolonisation any of us should want

The post The things we lost in the fire appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.

Electrician jailed for Mayfair home invasion

April 21st 2021 at 07:46
A 30-year-old man who returned to rob a family he had done electrical work for previously has been sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment by the Brixton regional court in Johannesburg.

The man had previously done electrical work at the family's home. Stock photo.

Netflix plunges after missing its own forecast by millions of subscribers

April 21st 2021 at 07:28
Netflix credited the pandemic with delivering record growth in 2020. Now it’s blaming the pandemic for the worst first quarter in eight years.

Newsdeck: Rebels threaten to march on capital as Chad reels from president’s battlefield death

April 21st 2021 at 07:24
N'DJAMENA, April 21 (Reuters) - Rebel forces set their sights on Chad's capital N'Djamena on Wednesday following the battlefield death of President Idriss Deby, threatening to bring more disruption to a country vital to international efforts to combat Islamist militants in Africa.

Samwu, Rand Water workers protest over incentive bonuses

April 21st 2021 at 07:19
A group of South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) members and Rand Water workers are picketing outside the water utility’s head offices in Glenvista, south of Joburg, demanding their salary bonuses.

Protesting Rand Water employees.

Swallows coach Truter: ‘I respect John Maduka and the football Celtic are playing’

April 21st 2021 at 07:10
Swallows FC coach Brandon Truter was satisfied with a point from a DStv Premiership match away against Bloemfontein Celtic‚ saying of his Phunya Sele Sele coaching counterpart‚ “I respect John Maduka for the type of football they are playing.”

Brandon Truter (coach) of Moroka Swallows wins coach of the month during the DStv Premiership Monthly Awards press conference at PSL Offices in Johannesburg.

Newsdeck: Indonesia searching for missing submarine with 53 on board

April 21st 2021 at 07:09
JAKARTA, April 21 (Reuters) - Indonesia's navy is searching for a missing submarine with 53 people on board that went missing on Wednesday and is seeking help from neighbouring Australia and Singapore in the hunt, the Indonesian military chief told Reuters.

Newsdeck: TikTok Faces Privacy Lawsuit on Behalf of Millions of Children

April 21st 2021 at 07:05
(Bloomberg) --TikTok faces a London lawsuit filed on behalf of millions of children in the U.K. and Europe over privacy concerns.

In conversation with Liquid Intelligent Technologies CEO Deon Geyser

April 21st 2021 at 06:58
Deon Geyser discusses the rebranding of Liquid Intelligent Technologies and why the transition from a telecommunications and digital service provider to a technology group was crucial.

Navigating digital transformation

April 21st 2021 at 06:47
By: Partner
Necessity has indeed sparked invention as they have scrambled to adapt to the extraordinary circumstances brought on by the pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, and many companies have had to fast-track their digital transformation due to a dramatic shift towards the adoption of digital technologies to reduce face-to-face interactions.

Dirty powership blunder – solar, wind, and batteries are cheaper and better

April 21st 2021 at 06:40
Government’s decision to use three liquid natural gas powerships for emergency power is a mistake which will cost South Africa dearly in the long term – energy expert.

MAVERICK CITIZEN OP-ED: Cape Town and Joburg blazes hide shocking truth about SA’s fire services

April 21st 2021 at 06:23
The disturbing footage of the fires in Cape Town and Johannesburg have once again provided a smokescreen for the appalling state of our fire services, especially in the metros.

10 Best Bitcoin Trading Apps

April 21st 2021 at 06:01

Fresh Unique Article to increase your trading knowledge: 10 Best Bitcoin Trading Apps

Bitcoin Trading Apps FI

bitcoin trading apps

Using the best Bitcoin Trading apps is vitally important when trading cryptocurrency on a mobile device or PC or Mac. Trading opportunities happen quickly and using the best bitcoin trading app will allow you to take immediate action when favourable trading conditions are prevalent.


Our 10 Best Handpicked Bitcoin Trading Apps Revealed:


Mobile trading has become a popular venture for obvious reasons; below is a list of the best Bitcoin trading apps which provide traders with more portability while granting you instant access to vast trading opportunities.


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A review about Luno


Luno is a crypto exchange trading platform that is aimed at emerging markets. Luno offers traders and investors with an array of services including a crypto trading platform, broker service, Bitcoin wallet, and an API for developers.

Coins can be bought and sold directly on the Luno app and there is a custodian Bitcoin wallet offered for both iOS and Android which is seamlessly integrated into the Luno account, offering traders with great flexibility and instant access to their account on the go.

However, when compared to other exchange trading platforms, Luno offers a limited range of cryptocurrencies that can be traded while accepting a broad range of fiat currencies such as EUR, IDR, MYR, NGN, ZAR, ZMW, PLN, UGX, and GBP.

Fees that are charged for services include deposit fees for certain payment methods, transaction fees for takers, withdrawal fees, and sending/receiving fees from the Luno account to other Bitcoin addresses.



Feature Information
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Rating on the App store 4.6/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) 8.8/10


Pros and Cons

User-friendly mobile interface Restriction on most countries
Easy top-up with bank card/bank transfer Limited range of crypto
Desktop version available High limits on deposits and withdrawals


A review about Binance


Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange where daily trading volume is concerned and provides traders with access to more than 100 digital assets, a variety of reliable payment methods, and the option for recurring buys.

Binance also offers traders with a comprehensive mobile trading app that can be used which is user-friendly and allows traders to effortlessly switch between Lite and Pro interfaces in a single tap. The Binance app allows for advanced trading features while maintaining an air of simplicity.

Binance offers its services to a variety of countries and it has also established country-specific platforms for the United States, and United Kingdom markets namely Binance US and Binance UK.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility Android, iOS
Supported Crypto Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, BUSD, Cosmos, TRX, USDT, etc.
Rating on Google Play 4.1/5
Rating on the App store 4.8/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) 8.7/10


Pros and Cons

Low fees No support in fiat currencies
User anonymity Young exchange
There are no stringent ID verification processes Funds are not insured


A review about has been operating since 2013 and it is a reputable and well-established cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of cryptocurrencies in addition to offering a mobile app. offers crypto-to-crypto, spot, and margin trading in cryptocurrencies. In addition, traders are also offered with offline Bitcoin wallet technology (cold wallet), a helpful lending function, 2FA security, low trading and non-trading fees, and access to sophisticated Trade APIs, calendars, and comprehensive charting that is powered by TradingView.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility iOS, Android
Supported Crypto More than 150 including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.
Rating on Google Play 3.5/5
Rating on the App store 2.8/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) Not yet reviewed


Pros and Cons

Sophisticated and user-friendly Unregulated
Range of useful trading tools Limited funding methods
Educational sources offered


A review about Kraken


Kraken has been in operation since 2011 and is a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform that offers traders with spot and derivative trading. Kraken is known for its robust security and it also makes use of stringent AML and KYC requirements to ensure client security.

Kraken offers its mobile trading app to both iOS and Android users and services are extended to all US clients, except those in Washington, DC, and New York. Other than that, it covers a wide global client base but has some restrictions on countries.

The mobile app is user-friendly and offers traders with access to a broad range of supported cryptocurrencies. In addition, traders also have access to unlimited deposits and withdrawals. Stablecoin fees that can be expected range from 0.2% down to 0%, with spot trading from 0% to 0.26%, and dark pool fees from between 0.2% to 0.36%.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility Android, iOS
Supported Crypto Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Montrose, Stellar, Zcash, Ethereum, etc.
Rating on Google Play 4.2/5
Rating on the App store 3.1/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) 7.7/10


Pros and Cons

Robust security Not suitable for beginners
Large range of cryptocurrencies Limited started account
Advanced trading features Slow account funding options


A review about Coinbase


Coinbase is a popular and reputable exchange trading platform that offers traders and investors the use of its mobile app. The mobile app is suitable for both trading as well as long-term investing.

Coinbase offers clients with a standard trading platform where a variety of coins can be traded, and it also offers a native wallet for retail investors. Coinbase is licensed as well as regulated in more than 40 United States and territories and offers its services to more than 100 worldwide countries.

The mobile app is easily accessible, user-friendly, and compatible with popular mobile operating systems.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility Android, iOS
Supported Crypto Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, etc
Rating on Google Play 4.4/5
Rating on the App store 4.7/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) 8.6/10


Pros and Cons

Widely available in more than 100 countries High fee structure
User-friendly app Limited cryptocurrencies (less than 50)
Robust safety and security Stringent identity verification requirements


A review about Huobi Global

Huobi Global

Huobi Global is a leading blockchain service provider that was founded in 2013 and offers more than 234 cryptocurrencies that can be traded through proprietary trading platforms, including a versatile and user-friendly mobile app.

Huobi Global offers traders with spot trading that comes with the ability to use leverage of 1:3. Huobi Global is also dedicated to ensuring that a safe, professional, trustworthy service is offered to its client base that is spread across more than 130 countries worldwide.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility iOS, Android
Supported Crypto 234+ including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ethereum, EOS, Qtum, etc.
Rating on Google Play 3.9/5
Rating on the App store 4.9/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) 2/10


Pros and Cons

24/7 customer service US clients not accepted
Vast range of cryptocurrencies No regulation
Good selection of education offered


A review about Bitfinex


Bitfinex is an online crypto exchange trading platform that allows traders to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies through its proprietary trading platform. Bitfinex is known for its minimal slippage, and technological innovation in the trading of digital assets by offering state-of-the-art, world class trading tools and high levels of customer service.

Bitfinex ensures client fund security by keeping it in offline, multi-signature cold wallets. Bitfinex also offers its services to traders from around the world, however, due to legal restrictions, there may be some countries excluded from its service range.

Useful tools that traders can access when trading with Bitfinex includes Trade API, reporting tools, and several others.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility iOS, Android
Supported Crypto Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Tether Gold, Ox, and OMG Network
Rating on Google Play 3.4/5
Rating on the App store 3.6/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) Not yet rated


Pros and Cons

Advanced mobile trading platform Unregulated
Education offered No desktop trading platform
Competitive fees


A review about Bittrex


Bittrex is an American blockchain technology provider as well as cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. Bittrex offers traders with the exchange in a large variety of cryptocurrencies in addition to offering innovative trading technology, and institutional-level experience for both beginners and professionals alike.

Bittrex offers a user-friendly experience while ensuring reliable trade execution and industry-leading security protocols to ensure client fund security including multiple layers of protection, 2FA, multi-signatures, and more.

Bittrex also offers traders with algorithmic trading through extensive APIs, 24/7 customer support, and more.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility Android, iOS
Supported Crypto Bitcoin, Digibyte, Ethereum, Tether, WAXP, XRP, and more.
Rating on Google Play 2.3/5
Rating on the App store 2.3/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) Not yet rated


Pros and Cons

Intuitive and user-friendly app Unregulated
API trading tool provided
Variety of funding options


A review about VALR


VALR is a leading cryptocurrency exchange which is based in South Africa that allows investors to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies. VALR aims to bridge the gap that exists between conventional fiat financial systems and the ever-growing world of digital assets.

VALR offers transparent fee schedules, with trading fees that start from -0.1% for makers, 0.2% for takers, and straightforward buy/sell fees that start from 0.1% on crypto-to-crypto pairs, and 0.75% per trade on all crypto-to-ZAR pairs.

While deposit fees with VALR are free for both ZAR and Crypto deposits, there is a flat fee of 8.50 ZAR for withdrawals in South African Rand and variable fees when withdrawing in crypto.

VALR is partnered with Bittrex in providing traders with extended safety and security on their assets. There are multiple layers for protection that are employed to ensure account and fund safety, and when signing up with VALR, users are required to complete the “Know Your Client” or KYC process.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility Android, iOS
Supported Crypto Ox, Bitcoin, Aragon, Bancor, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, ChainLink, DAI, Dash, etc.
Rating on Google Play 4.2/5
Rating on the App store 5/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) Not yet rated


Pros and Cons

Variety of coins Limited funding options
Robust security Only one fiat currency supported (ZAR)
KYC process involved Limited anonymity


A review about Kucoin


Kucoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that provides for the purchase of crypto via Debit/Credit cards, Apple Pay, SEPA, and numerous other methods. Kucoin also supports peer-to-peer transactions.

There are hundreds of crypto pairs that are supported and Kucoin also issued its own token known as Kucoin shares. Kucoin is especially known for its competitive trading fees, however, the platform has no relationship with fiat currencies, making it hard for beginner traders to enter the marketplace.



Feature Information
OS Compatibility Android, iOS
Supported Crypto 100+ including Ox, Bitcoin, MetaHash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Ethereum, XRP, etc.
Rating on Google Play 3.6/5
Rating on the App store 4.4/5
Rating on APK Sites (if applicable) 9/10


Pros and Cons

Large list of supported crypto Not suitable for beginners
Ultra-low trading fees Fiat currencies not supported
Excellent trading volumes and liquidity Cold wallet not offered



At the time of writing, Bitcoin has a market capitalisation of more than $600 billion, and it is growing. More traders are trying to harness the volatility and liquidity of the cryptocurrency markets by making use of popular crypto exchange trading platforms. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are two words that have grown in popularity in the world of trading and investing, with more traders exploring the potential that cryptocurrency trading holds. Bitcoin is the first official digital currency, it is the most traded and most popular of all.


🏆 Top 3 Brokers Crypto Trading Platforms

⚡The world’s biggest crypto platform

⚡ Asia’s Biggest Trading Platform

⚡Africa’s Biggest Trading Platform




What are cryptocurrencies?

Simply defined, they are digital currencies in which transactions are verified. Records of these transactions are maintained through a decentralised system that makes use of cryptography instead of a centralised authority.


Is it safe to trade cryptocurrencies?

They are not inherently unsafe to trade as the technology underpinning them is some of the most secure technology in existence. However, exchanges that offer trade often come under attack by hackers that try and gain access to steal client funds.


Is my money safe on these apps?

The safety of funds will depend on the level of security that the app offers, and that the user applies to their mobile device. While the apps offer multi-signatures, SSL, 2FA, and other security methods, traders must make sure to use passwords, biometrics, and other security protocols.


Why is Bitcoin so popular?

It is the first official digital currency that was created, it is a hedge against inflation, it is decentralised and cannot be manipulated, it is one of the most valuable and popular cryptocurrencies being used as a method of payment.


Why should I start trading Bitcoin?

As the supply of Bitcoin becomes fewer, and Bitcoin’s acceptance becomes more widespread, its value is set to increase, thus promising a hefty return on investment in time.


Are these apps user-friendly?

Most of these apps are acclaimed for their user-friendliness towards beginners, however, there are some that are more complicated to use.


What is the best strategy to use in Bitcoin trading?

There are several strategies that can be used including HODLing (Hold On For Dear Life relating to long-term investing), Hedging, Trend Trading, and breakout trading.




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A review about Binance

A review about

A review about Luno

A review about Luno

A review about Binance

A review about

A review about Kraken

A review about Coinbase

A review about Huobi Global

A review about Bitfinex

A review about Bittrex

A review about VALR

A review about Kucoin

South Africa sees Covid-19 surge in 3 provinces

April 21st 2021 at 05:38
By: SA News
The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), a division of the National Health Laboratory Service, has noted an upsurge in Covid-19 cases in the Northern Cape, North West and Free State Provinces.

How to Report a Forex Broker – A Step-by-Step Guide

April 21st 2021 at 05:38

Fresh Unique Article to increase your trading knowledge: How to Report a Forex Broker – A Step-by-Step Guide


Apart from risks involved with trading activities, investors are also faced with another major risk; the risk of being scammed by fraudulent forex brokers. A lot of investors who have been scammed may not know what to do, or what the process is to attempt to get their funds back.


A quick overview of our how to report a Forex broker review:


For this purpose, this article explores a variety of topics from the importance of regulation right down to what investors who suspect they have been scammed can do, and how they can go about reporting a forex broker.


Why should you report?

Forex is an exchange which allows investors to trade a wide variety of currencies through foreign exchange. The forex market is the largest financial market in the world, with more than $5 trillion being traded daily.

There are investors who see high returns each month but to become a successful investor, it takes excellent understanding of the market along with great experience and knowledge to start seeing a return on investment.

Success in forex trading is not something that happens overnight, and a lot of new investors go into it thinking that they can make quick profits, only to find that it is a volatile environment that can be merciless to those who are not prepared.


Why is regulation important in Forex Trading?

Regulation in forex trading is crucial as result of the amounts of money that passes through the market daily. This makes it attractive for a variety of scammers and malicious individuals known as “white collar criminals” to pervade the forex market, looking for their next unsuspecting victim.

These criminals have found a variety of easy ways to con especially new investors as well as active traders by forming what would appear to be brokerage firms, luring investors into depositing their funds, and finding ways to get away with these funds and avoiding being caught.

These scam operations are being run by faking regulatory status, cloning websites of genuine, legitimate brokers, and even going to great lengths to use the holistic trading process against unsuspecting investors.

To ensure that only legitimate brokers provide financial and trading services and solutions, forex regulators have instituted a variety of means to ensure that investors are not robbed by these illegitimate scammers.

However, despite the preventative measures in place, it remains the responsibility of the investor to ensure that they research a broker and their claim to regulation before dealing with them.


What do Forex Regulators do?

Forex Regulators have a variety of responsibilities, including but not limited to the following.

  • They license and supervise brokers. The process involved with licensing is stringent and it also involves ensuring that people who have specific industry qualifications can hold top positions in these firms.
  • Ensuring that regulated and licensed brokers comply with the segregation of trading funds. Segregation refers to a practice where client funds are kept in bank accounts that are separate from the operational account of the broker.
  • Ensuring that there is compliance with reporting standards. Legitimate and regulated forex brokers must submit periodic reports on their activities along with trade data of their clients. This information is subjected to strict scrutiny and monitoring by forex regulatory entities.
  • The enforcement of sanctions should there be market infractions. Where and when there are clear cases of fraudulent practices, forex regulatory entities are empowered by law to carry out a variety of enforcement activities against these suspected fraudulent brokers.


The focus behind regulation in the forex market is to preserve the sanctity of the markets in addition to boosting investor confidence. This is achieved by ensuring that there is a level playing field for all participants in the forex market, regardless of their investment size.

The need for regulation in forex trading is reinforced by the fact that brokers who provide liquidity for retail investors, take opposite positions to the trades placed by their clients, such in the case where Market Maker brokers are concerned. In instances such as these, forex regulators must ensure that investors are not deliberately subjected to conditions which may tilt the forex market against them.

Based on the information provided above, it can be deduced that forex regulation pertains to the protection of investors. Forex brokers who are regulated by important, reputable regulators are less likely to cheat their clients. Where there are infractions, regulators are empowered by respective laws of their respective jurisdictions to apply the relevant sanctions.


Some of the most important regulators in the forex industry includes, but is not limited to:

  • The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC in Australia).
  • The Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFIN in Germany).
  • Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC in the United States).
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC in Cyprus).
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA in the United Kingdom.
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA in South Africa), and several others.


How to spot a Forex Scam?

Forex trading is a legit activity where investors can earn great profits, however, as result of the number of scammers and illegitimate brokers out there, a lot of people may associate forex trading with a scam. It is therefore imperative to educate more investors on what they must look for in a broker before they invest funds in addition to informing investors on how they can spot a scam.

One of the hardest tasks for new and aspiring investors to overcome is the vast, endless amount of misinformation that exists, bad actors, and black-listed scam brokers that try to take advantage of vulnerable and unsuspecting participants in the market.

Before deciding on a forex broker, it is imperative to conduct thorough research on the broker to ensure that they are legitimate. Some key points that investors can look at when reviewing and evaluating a broker are discussed below.


Broker’s Regulation

The first obvious red flag to look for is regulation, or the lack thereof. Brokers who do not have regulation to provide services do not have a watchdog ensuring that they operate and ensure the safety of client funds.

Even when a broker claims to have regulation with certain entities, it is imperative to ensure that this is true by visiting the regulatory entity’s website and to view their list of regulated brokers. It is also imperative to see whether the broker is not blacklisted on websites or whether it has bad reviews against it.


Broker’s Leverage

Leverage is a useful tool that is provided by brokers, allowing investors open larger positions, and maximizing their profit potential. However, leverage can also lead to significant losses that may exceed the initial deposit of the investor. In some cases, the investor’s account balance can go into a negative if their account does not have negative balance protection applied.

There are some brokers who are prohibited from providing leverage above certain ratio levels. For instance, in the United Kingdom, under FCA regulation and ESMA requirements, EU clients are provided with a maximum leverage of 1:30 as result of the risks associated with it.

In other jurisdictions, brokers may offer higher leverage ratios, some offering more than 1:2000. Investors are warned to tread lightly where such brokers are concerned as such ratio levels are extreme and may lead to substantial losses. Investors are advised to check all other points in addition to the leverage.


Undisclosed Parameters

Brokers who do not provide investors with transparent fee schedules and trading conditions should not be considered as there may be hidden fees and costs involved. Legitimate brokers will always provide investors with all costs, both trading and non-trading fees upfront.


Withdrawal Rules

Another crucial factor to consider when evaluating brokers is the ease with which investors can deposit and withdraw their funds. This is another factor where regulation plays a key part as regulated brokers, due to keeping client funds separate, must ensure that client funds are available for withdrawal at any given time.

In addition, the broker must be able to provide their withdrawal rules clearly and there should not be any discrepancies or inconsistencies with their withdrawal processes, limitations, restrictions, or any other factors.



Spreads form part of trading fees and thus, all information regarding spreads and commissions must be information that is freely available without investors having to commit to a live trading account first.


How to report a forex broker


Financial Ombudsman

There are some regulatory entities that will not act before investors have first contacted the financial ombudsman as they are the mediator between the investor and the broker.

It is imperative for investors to understand the reporting line in their specific country of residence to ensure that their complaint is tended to.


Reporting the broker to a regulatory entity

One thing to remember is that investors can report bad business practices of brokers in addition to reporting scam brokers, or suspected scam brokers. To prevent trading with a scam broker in the first place, it is crucial that investors ensure they use the services of legit brokers.

In most cases, a broker may seem legit and there may not be any red flags. That is, until the investor tries to withdraw their funds.

The first step to report a forex broker will involve collecting evidence, which may consist of correspondence with the broker, screenshots, and/or other forms that will show proof that the forex broker may be illegitimate, scam, or that they may be guilty of poor practices.

The next will be to take the evidence and information and reporting it to the regulatory entity in the relevant jurisdiction in which the investor resides, and where the broker is subsequently authorised, licensed, and regulated to provide its services.

Where the broker is not regulated by an entity in a certain country, things may be a bit more difficult as there is no watchdog. However, if a fraudulent broker claims to have regulation, it can still be reported to the regulatory entity whose regulation the scam broker is pretending to hold.


If the broker claims to have, or has, regulation with more than one entity, a complaint must be filed with each. These complaint forms may require some information from the investor who is reporting, including, but not limited to:

  • Email Address
  • First and Last Name
  • Name of the Broker
  • How the investor found this broker
  • Amount the investor deposited or lost
  • Transfer method that they used – whether bank transfer, credit card, or electronic payment.
  • A description of what happened.
  • Uploads of proof or evidence including a URL to the broker’s website.


Apart from reporting the broker directly to the regulatory entities that govern a certain jurisdiction, investors can also make use of websites that are specifically designed for reporting forex scams.

Websites such as these also help to spread the word about certain brokers and can help other investors from falling prey to such fraudulent brokers.

The process involved with reporting brokers, from when the complaint is submitted up until when action is taken can depend on the processes followed.

The regulatory entity of each jurisdiction has their own processes to follow, and they conduct their own investigations, this may take some time to complete. It is imperative for investors to conduct follow-ups if they are not automatically contacted.

Unfortunately, where unregulated offshore brokers are concerned, there are no guarantees that investors will be able to have their funds returned as result of the lack of regulation.


Taking things to court

This may be a step in the process when reporting a broker and it may involve more than one investor depending on the depth and number of complaints received, and especially if the broker is in possession of client funds that it refuses to return to investors.

It is always best to resolve all complaints in preceding steps but going to court may be something that cannot always be avoided, with it being the very last step in the process to ensure that the guilty party or parties are punished for their actions, especially when considering that there are malicious actors behind these scams.


Popular forex scams and how to avoid them


Automated trading programs, EAs, Robots

There are many innovative, helpful tools when trading forex to help investors add a competitive edge to their trading and automated trading, expert advisors, and trading robots are just some of them. However, as innovative, and helpful as they may be, they are one of the easiest ways that people get scammed by frauds on the internet.

It is imperative that investors be wary of unrealistic promises that are made by sellers of these tools. There is no sure or guaranteed way to make profit on the forex market and there is no perfect, fail-proof automated system, or a genuine robot that will provide you with real market figures accurately.

Robots that promise significant percentage of profits are one of the immediate, certain red flags to look out for. Some robots may use the scalping scheme to try and make little profits and thus they boast with a good win rate. This may make the investor think that it is an efficient software tool, however, with the smallest shift in market conditions, all profits may be lost.

Investors who use robots such as these will notice wider commissions and spreads that will affect their profits. For this reason, investors must evaluate the trading tools that they use which are not provided directly by a legit, regulated broker or software developer.


Signal Sellers

Social trading is an exciting aspect of forex trading, but it can be another avenue used by scammers to try and trick investors out of their funds. There are illegitimate signal sellers that will try to sell a program to investors, claiming that it points out the best time for dealing in forex pairs.

This could be an automated or a manual system that makes use of economic news, technical analysis. It could also use both and in return, they ask investors to pay a periodic fee.

When thinking about it, it would not make sense for someone to sell a system that can predict the market so accurately when they could rather use it themselves to secure substantial profits. According to various experts, it is impossible to build or find systems that will allow monetary benefits in the market as the market is unpredictable.

There are market sentiments that can indicate trading opportunities, but they are not always accurate to the last movement and things can always change based on a variety of factors such as news, political and economic events, and others.

Only make use of legitimate signal sellers, either through a regulated and reputable broker, or a legitimate copy trading provider.


Investment Management funds that are phony

In the forex market, investors may be provided with a variety of promotions that endorses forex funds, especially on social media platforms. These typically have flashy market stories, but the results are typically unverified.

Scammers use these advertisements to lure in unsuspecting investors and the organisation will deny contacting investors once they have received funds, or investors may not be able to locate the scammers at all.




US labels South Africa ‘no go’ area

April 21st 2021 at 05:34
The United States Department of State has 'strongly recommended' that US citizens reconsider all travel abroad, as it updates travel advisories for a number of countries - including South Africa.

TGIFOOD: What’s cooking today: Curried mince frittata

April 21st 2021 at 05:21
Here’s a hybrid for a spicy brunch: make curried mince in the old Cape tradition, top it with beaten eggs and finish it in the oven. Et voila: curried mince frittata.

Nedbank introduces electronic payments on WhatsApp

April 21st 2021 at 04:56
Nedbank, working with Mastercard and South African fintech player Ukheshe, has launched the ability for banking clients to make payments to businesses in messaging platform WhatsApp.

RSAWEB slashes prices and gives away fibre for free

April 21st 2021 at 04:55
By: Partner
RSAWEB has drastically cut all its uncapped Fibre-to-the-Home packages on the Octotel fibre network, one of the largest in South Africa, making them the lowest priced ISP against all major competitors.

How To Use Your iPhone Camera To Take Amazing Photos During Travel

April 21st 2021 at 04:54

How To Use Your iPhone Camera To Take Amazing Photos During Travel

Most travel junkies will tell you for free that photos are the life of the journey and vacation.

So maybe you don’t even fall into that category. You are simply planning to go on a solo trip to explore a new place and capture great memories on your camera. That’s cool.

And if you have been on different trips alone only to be traveling with your partner or family this time around, then that’s great too.

Photos will still come in. And when they do, how do you handle the task?

The traditional DSLR Camera is, no doubt, famed for higher image resolution. Often a tourist’s first choice, the DSLR Camera is, however, not the only reliable way to take amazing snapshots during your travel experience.

The progressive innovations in iPhone camera technology have opened a new and less complex way of taking great travel photos.

All you’ll need is follow some useful tips and your iPhone camera is ready to be your best travel buddy.

Here are 7 tips on how to use your iPhone camera to take amazing travel shots that you will be proud of.

Do A Little Background Research

You’ll need to find out what you would love to capture. Stunning architecture? The locals? Food? Natural scenery? Your interest determines what you will do next.

For shots of nature, you will need to find out the right moment for your shot. During sunrise? Sunset? Will there be a foggy weather during your shoot? Take all these things into consideration to get the best of photos on your iPhone.

You should also be careful not to take shots of prohibited areas. In some places, some buildings are not to be snapped. You may risk being fined or even a jail-term.

Prepare Your Camera 

Even an iPhone camera needs to be prepared for the task ahead. It’s possible that dust, dirt or grease may have contaminated the lens, which will produce blurry and foggy looking images. So, you need to have a clean piece of fabric handy to clean the lens just before taking your shots.

You don’t also want to run short of battery and ruin your travel experience. A portable battery charger is a must-have if you will be relying on your iPhone to take photos.

Try To Take Unique Shots

Visiting the Pyramids of Giza? There’s already a thousand and one shots that probably look the same. Try to make your shots different. This applies to other locations. Try different angles and lightings. Make your photos unique.

Depict The Local Culture

There’s no way your travel photo shoot is complete without shots of the local culture. A great shot of a busy road or marketplace will do just great. And if you get to interact well with some of the locals, you can seek their permission to take beautiful photos of them. People will likely find it more comfortable to be snapped on a phone than on a conspicuous DSLR.

Use Humans In Natural Scenery 

To capture great shots of natural scenery, include a human being as the subject to add some depth. The photos will turn out looking better than if you took random shots of the desserts or white sandy beaches.

Give Small Details More Attention

Be on the lookout to capture little things that make all the difference. This gives your travel album a well-rounded outlook. There are spectacularly awesome aspects of nature and places that need a more closer look – it could be a close-up shot of a unique animal or an overlooked area in a building – these will turn out great on your iPhone camera.

Tell A Story With Your Photos

Using the “burst” function on the iPhone, you can tell an amazing story about your travel as it allows you to capture micro stories on the spot. Interesting shots of scenes such as a crowd at a car park or a close hug between two people who are reuniting can be captured remarkably well.







The post How To Use Your iPhone Camera To Take Amazing Photos During Travel appeared first on Who? SA.

Nedbank’s new money service lets customers pay through WhatsApp

April 21st 2021 at 04:51
Nedbank, in collaboration with Mastercard and Ukheshe, has launched its Money Message service - a payment platform that lets small and micro-businesses receive secure in-chat payments from their customers via WhatsApp.

DAYS OF ZONDO: Meddling ministers and dodgy spooks: Inspector-General of Intelligence lays bare his woes to Zondo

April 21st 2021 at 04:36
The Zondo Commission heard succinct and at times startling testimony on Tuesday night revealing how the State Security Agency – which it has emerged was at the heart of State Capture – ensured the Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence was not able to fulfil its function of exercising intelligence oversight.